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What an exciting week coming up!

CCPE London, W2 6NE
CCPE London, W2 6NE

As I write this, it’s two days until Dr Laurel Parnell joins us for our first Unleash your EMDR advanced trainings, at the gorgeous CCPE pictured here on the right.

We (that’s Mark and Jutta of Braynework and EMDR Focus) recently returned from an inspiring week training with Laurel at the Omega Institute near the Hudston River in beautiful upstate New York, where Mark completed his Facilitator training with the Parnell Institute, and Jutta undertook Laurel’s Parts One and Two Basic EMDR course so that she knows the ropes too.20150721_183235 (1)

The setting at Omega was out of this world – tranquil, inspiring, the perfect backdrop to going deep into the EMDR learning experience with Laurel, her team of delightful and skilled American facilitators and 45 enthusiastic trainees.

With her hugely popular books on Attachment-Focused EMDR and working with survivors of childhood sexual abuse, Laurel is admittedly controversial among some disciples of EMDR in the US and Europe, because she has challenged the status quo of the Standard Protocol developed by Dr Francine Shapiro 25 years ago, simplifying and tailoring it to work with real clients bringing often deep attachment trauma from childhood.

And what better place (OK, Little Venice in London is lovely too, and we’ll report back here how the training goes) to do this work than the Omega Institute near Rhinebeck, where Laurel has been training  twice a year now for well over a decade.

As EMDR develops in the coming years and moves beyond of what can often be experienced by both clients and clinicians as the straitjacket of protocol-driven application, we at EMDR Focus look forward with Laurel and other leading advocates of a client-focused EMDR to new trainings and, yes, new horizons.

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