Unleashing our EMDR

We’ve been having an exciting time with Laurel Parnell this long weekend at the CCPE in London, as she introduces 36 enthusiastic and experienced EMDR therapists to ways of unleashing their work-in-depth with a new understanding of attachment and deep processing.

Dr Laurel Parnell at work in London

EMDR is increasingly evidence-based as a therapy of choice in addressing and clearing the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – but as we’ve been hearing this weekend, when used in a client-focused and undogmatic way, it is also brilliant at drilling into the deepest roots of childhood distress, and releasing trauma that can have been locked into the system for a lifetime.

There are those in the international EMDR community who challenge Dr Parnell’s way of working as somehow “not authentic EMDR.”

We can only recommend that sceptics experience her training and this way of working themselves to clear misunderstandings about how powerful and appropriate this work can be for the widest range of clients.

Dr Laurel Parnell teaching in London, CCPE Sept 2015

With 36 more coming in a week’s time for a reprise of the same approach to Unleashing their EMDR, we look forward to establishing Dr Parnell’s way of attachment-focused work securely in the mainstream of trauma therapy in the UK and the wider Europe – as we’re confident will happen.

Laurel Parnell London Sept 2015
Dr Laurel Parnell lecturing London Attachment-Focused EMDR

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