Unleashing EMDR, London, Round One

IMG_20150905_102234Dr Parnell’s first two long-weekend Unleash your EMDR trainings in London on working at depth with complex clients were a resounding success, with enthusiastic feedback from the total of 72 participants.

Working with rich imaginary figures of protection, nurture and wisdom, with a highly effective bridging technique to identify key past experiences still affecting a client’s present life, and with proactive interweaves, trainees quickly found that targets, as they’re called in EMDR, can be resolved completely and effectively in a sometimes astonishingly short time.

As one participant emailed after the course was over:

I attended on the first weekend and from the Monday morning started working differently with my clients. Even in one week the benefits I am seeing are amazing.

Using the nurturing, protector and wise figures really helps the clients and they are reporting spontaneous ‘appearances’ of the figures when needed in their lives.

I’ve also felt at ease with myself to interact with the clients differently and use their imaginations more to great effect.

I understanding bridging much more and using it again to great effect, along with a diagram now to keep track of the memories that come up, ensuring they are all cleared and then future template.

I had times before when I was lost in the memory chaining. Going back to target more frequently is also really working, something I didn’t do as much before. I feel as if I have had an ‘advanced’ EMDR course that has improved my knowledge.

This is the only course I have been on and started using my learning straight away, so thank you once again. I look forward to her coming back.

The trainings were held at the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy Education (CCPE) in the heart of Little Venice in West London, and while the stairs in a 19th century building without lifts were something of a challenge, even the second weekend’s top-floor training left most participants buzzing with equal enthusiasm.

img_20150907_164945.jpgIt wasn’t all hard work, though – with US-based Facilitator Harriet Sage and with Mark and Jutta Brayne, Laurel got to visit the BBC Proms with a programme of Russian music courtesy of the St Petersburg Philharmonic – standing room tickets in the Arena for just £5 though involving some hard sitting for a couple of hours in the Albert Hall queue.

We’re enormously grateful to Laurel and Harriet for spending these inspiring days with us, and now look forward to her return in March 2016, for two more weekends of Unleashing EMDR – courses expected to sell out as quickly as these September ones did.

If interested, join up soon….

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