Facilitator Training in preparation for September

Gearing up for Laurel Parnell’s September trainings in the UK in her attachment-focused EMDR model, we’ve had a first-class day in London in partnership with Laurel’s West Coast colleague Alison Teal preparing our team of AF-EMDR facilitators for the trainings in York and London.

(Photo: AF-EMDR Trainee Facilitator team, London April 9 2017 – from l to r: Iram Shah, Mel Temple, Alison Teal, Jutta Brayne, Annabel McGoldrick, Mark Brayne, Jayne Averill-Smith, James Thomas, Joe Kearney, Gerry Virgo, Shawn Katz.)

With commercial EMDR trainers in the UK focusing their efforts and marketing largely on basic training, and with other senior EMDR folk and regional groups offering only sporadic weekends of CPD, there’s a real need in the UK for post-basic training that equips therapists to use EMDR with more complex client presentations.

And that’s the gap we at EMDR Focus are aiming at least to begin to address, in partnership with the Parnell Institute in the US.

As all of us agreed with our half day of discussion and half day of role play facilitation, the basic EMDR training in the Standard Protocol is brilliant as far as it goes – but evidence-based as it is only for single-incident adult PTSD, it leaves many practitioners thirsting for support on how to use EMDR with more complex, attachment-based and often even pre-verbal trauma.

So, with our enthusiastic and fast-evolving team of colleagues from London, the English North-East and the East and South coasts, we hope to build and grow safe learning spaces where EMDR therapists keen to go deeper can practise new skills in working with flexibility with the most complex range of client presentations.

Thanks to the team – and with hopefully a couple of more practice runs before Laurel is with us in the last 10 days of September, we look forward to delivering our EMDR therapist colleagues a first-class attachment-focused experience in September.

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