EMDR and the Transpersonal

A weekend workshop for Qualified Professionals. Friday June 23 –  Sunday June 25 2017. The Turning Point, Sheringwood, Norfolk, NR26 8TS

EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing – is one of the hottest and best-researched new approaches to psychotherapy, recommended for PTSD by organisations around the world.

What’s less well known is how perfectly EMDR, with its understanding of trauma and neuro-biology, meshes with the transpersonal and the relational in psychotherapy, and how powerfully it can enhance an integrative, person-centred approach to healing.

In this first-of-its-kind workshop, EMDR-Europe Accredited Consultant and Parnell institute training facilitator Mark Brayne from the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy (CCPE) in London offered 16 psychotherapist colleagues, all but two already trained in EMDR, an introduction to how EMDR with a transpersonal and attachment-focused dimension can enhance and support their own work with clients and patients.


The weekend was introduced and hosted by Annie Lloyd, also ex-CCPE, in her stunning new training venue, The Turning Point, in the woods above Sheringham on the beautiful North Norfolk coast. Annie brings her own transpersonal perspective on the role of safety and mindfulness when working with complex trauma.

The weekend included presentations, group discussions and pairwork – and some fabulous cooking from Annie’s partner Katrina Cole…


The Turning Point is a therapy centre where animals are used for limbic system support – and Alfie the Great Dane was a star…


COST was £225 including CPD certificate, and light meals/refreshments.

See also www.artismedicine.co.uk and www.annielloyd.co.uk

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