The past week has brought some powerful and rewarding feedback on how we’re helping colleagues get online with EMDR – from my super green-screen studio in North Norfolk.

In response to a piece I wrote earlier about working with a client on a smartphone in his car, one newly-baked enthusiast for online EMDR contributed the following thoughts:

What a powerful and moving account of an attachment based intervention, thank you for sharing that.

Strangely I feel I have made more progress in these sessions than I would have had F2F with the same clients.

So far I have used your method 4 times on online and every time it has worked amazingly !!!! with the SUDs reducing to zero AND a VoC of 7.

I have done a bridge back to early childhood on 3 out of 4 and my most challenging client who has different parts ( I have worked with her for 5 years) made an amazing eureka moment at the end of processing.

I would say all clients looked transformed and calm at the end of the sessions and they now have real confidence in online EMDR as do I.

2 of them had high anxiety and triggered by COVID-19 but that was resolved by the end of the session.

I am so grateful to you and Naomi Fisher who I took my guidance and encouragement from. I also did 2 couple sessions and both have worked well. I am teaching both of them calming techniques and they are really grateful to have something to help at this time when they relationship is already under strain.

I would never have imagined how powerful this work could be online and `I would say to others give it a go- build up your confidence in online work. The EMDR community has been really supportive and I am humbled by all the contributions when we are all under such pressure.

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