I couldn’t resist posting a response from one dear EMDR colleague to the news, summarised below, that our next Unleash your EMDR workshop, all two days of it with demos and pairwork and the rest, is going online next month, thanks to our friend Corona.

Good for you
Full disclosure
I have strong ethical objections to doing any therapy online unless absolutely necessary, but I thought in these circumstances I am willing to be proved wrong. I really do not want to cancel again.
After all, I trained in EMDR under protest and I was wrong about that  :)
So…See you somewhere in the cloud I suppose  in April ?

And here, to help explain, a note that’s gone out to those already registered for the workshop, explaining the basics.

  • Thanks again for signing up to next month’s Unleash your EMDR – Release the Magic workshop scheduled for the Wesleyan Chapel in London on April 17/18, with a VERY important piece of Corona-related news.
  • Instead of doing this in the normal physical manner, with everyone in the same room and coffees and transport and accommodation and lunches in City Road, we’re going to experiment with doing this entirely online. 
  • Which should with luck ensure the minimal transmission of viral infection and the maximum enthusing about AF-EMDR, and also serve as a unique opportunity to learn and practice the essential new skill of delivering EMDR remotely.
  • We’re leaving the cost for this workshop (BOOK HERE) at the previous £350 including VAT, as this will need to cover our usual, fabulous team of EMDR Focus Facilitators as well as all the organising, delivery, printing, etc etc.
  • If anyone getting this note would rather pull out, I will be (un)happy (in the sense of missing you) to refund your fee in full, allowing space perhaps for other colleagues keen to learn both the Attachment-Focused EMDR approach as well as, in detail, Online EMDR In A Time Of Corona, as Gabriel García Márquez might have called it.
  • We’ll use the online conferencing platform Zoom, which some of you know, and which has break-out rooms where pairs, or possibly triads (details still to be ironed out) can meet to practice on each other, with facilitators “dropping in” virtually to coach you along, and also available to be called upon by raising a flag/hand on the platform.
  • Some of you were online last night for a 90-minute seminar with more than 50 colleagues on working this way , so you know how good Zoom is these days.
  • (If anyone would like to view the almost full recording, minus a session clip involving one of our participants, please let me know, and I can send the link and password with a request just for a £25 contribution to the costs.)
  • Info on how this will work, and instructions re BLS and equipment and setting yourself up etc will be sent around as we get closer to the time, and I will also be sending the training booklet and handouts by post to individuals once they’ve paid.
  • There’ll also be the full two live demos on the morning of both days, and a comprehensive presentation as we go along which will also be shared electronically as a PDF so you can have it on hand as well as watch it online.
  • We’ll do our best, needless to say, to answer the many questions this experiment will raise.
Fear ye not – it will be both rewarding and fun. Jutta and I, and others on the team, already do a lot of EMDR online, and it works seriously well.

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