The global COVID-19 crisis has thrust mental health therapists into a new reality of needing to provide services via telehealth and other remote platforms.

In this discussion-based webinar, Dr. Jamie Marich (author and founder of The Institute for Creative Mindfulness) speaks to her long-time friend and colleague Mark Brayne from the U.K. about his clinical experiences offering EMDR therapy virtually.

Mark is seasoned at offering EMDR via telehealth and remote platforms, and has a wealth of clinical insight to share on adapting EMDR therapy. A former BBC journalist whose service in that realm exposed him to humanitarian needs in times of crisis, Mark’s global perspective is invaluable.

The views expressed on this webinar do NOT reflect those of any EMDR therapy organizations (e.g., EMDRIA, EMDR UK-Ireland, EMDR Europe) although we will be discussing and commenting on the newly released EMDRIA guidelines on telehealth and EMDR.

Dr. Jamie considers him to be not only a friend, but a personal teacher, and she is overjoyed that he has committed to helping us in this way!

Module 1: Fundamentals of EMDR Therapy & Telehealth

Module 2: Remote EMDR Therapy Demonstration

Module 3: Question & Answer Period

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