By Liam Spicer

Liam Spicer

Unleash your EMDR, Release the Magic, and that is exactly what occurred.

Three days of integrative attachment-informed EMDR that opened up a new realm of opportunities with clients for healing and growth.

A powerful experience involving new knowledge, demonstrations, practice, new insights, new skills, and a sprinkle of laughter to round it all off!

Just over 60 Australian colleagues met with Mark, Annabel and the wonderful EMDR Focus team over a weekend which enriched current practice with EMDR, and provided significant emphasis on the role of attachment within the healing process.

Each day filled with new knowledge, wonderful live demonstrations from Mark of AI-EMDR in action, and the opportunity to practice in triads.

Although it was such a new way of working at first, over time the natural creativity, and fluidity of the process resonated with myself personally as a therapist, and my mind expanded in the ways I can now assist clients which I have previously been stuck with in the past.

Experiencing the approach as a client further demonstrated to myself on a deeper level the richness and usefulness of this approach and the level of insight and healing it produces.

There was a wonderful sense of community within the training and it is evident how much it was enjoyed by others with the establishment of an Attachment-Informed EMDR group in Australia being created during the training which now has over 40 members.

It is going to be great to stay connected with all the other individuals that experienced the magic, and to be able to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals who aim to assist clients in making long-lasting change.

There were moments in the training which truly felt like magic, visits from puppets, and creative interweaves by Mark which nearly knocked us off our seat haha!

I left the training feeling full of new knowledge, skills, and inspiration to further deepen my practice in this excellent new way of working.

I would have to say it was the best training I have attended, and I am looking forward to the next trainings in this wonderful approach!

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