Attachment-Informed EMDR Interweaves

Responding to requests on the Attachment-Informed Google Group, we ran on April 1 2023 a short-notice three-hour webinar on creative interweaves in Attachment-Informed EMDR, a kind of Last Blast before Jutta and Mark headed off on their long-planned six-month sabbatical.

(They’re back in action in October.)

Building on the basic eight-phase structure of standard EMDR, and the six key principles of AI-EMDR (as you know, of course, Charlie Chaplin Recognising That Attachments R Seriously Salient), creative interweaves in EMDR’s Phase Four are ultimately the piece that really makes the difference with clients stuck in old dysfunctional stories.

The webinar was recorded, and roughly transcribed with help from, so if you’d like to catch up after the event, please click the booking button below.

The fee for the recording only is £60.