About EMDR Focus

As a small EMDR training company in the UK, we offer advanced support, training and supervision for fellow therapists in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing, providing CPD courses with some of the world’s foremost practitioners of, trainers in, and writers about EMDR therapy.

We were particularly proud to launch with two training weekends in September 2015 in Attachment-Focused EMDR with Dr Laurel Parnell from the USA, continuing with two further events in 2017, and with a further 3-day advanced EMDR workshop in September 2018.

Run by EMDR Europe-Accredited Consultant Mark Brayne, EMDR Focus is a sister company to our provider of psychotherapy services Braynework, and here we’re focused on supporting fellow EMDR therapists with training and inspiration in the very best and most effective ways of integrating EMDR into your core practice.

Although EMDR is formally endorsed (by NICE, APA and the like) only for single-incident and largely adult Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, we believe and find that EMDR can be used with most clients – and while scripted and standard protocols have an essential and valuable place in the training, treatment and understanding of EMDR, we also believe that it’s important not to be intimidated (either as therapist or as client) by what can feel sometimes like overly rigid approaches to the application of this powerful therapy.

As originally conceived by Francine Shapiro, EMDR is a client-focused approach to resolving even the most complex traumas big and small which so often underlie adult distress ranging all the way from depression and anxiety to, of course, PTSD but also OCD and  dissociative disorders.

At EMDR Focus, we’re inspired by innovative EMDR trainers, writers and practitioners ranging from our closest associate Dr Laurel Parnell through Jim Knipe of EMDR Toolbox to Dr Jamie Marich.

We’re a small team gathered round EMDR Consultant Mark Brayne and EMDR Practitioner Jutta Brayne, with Practitioner Annabel McGoldrick (a fellow former journalist) and a growing team of enthusiastic and committed training facilitators from the UK.

If you’re inspired by what we offer, do get in touch – for supervision, innovative community, ideas and training – and browse the site for courses coming up.

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As Dr Parnell puts it:

The Attachment-Focused approach to EMDR treatment emphasises the importance of the therapeutic relationship, client safety and the use of resources for stabilisation and the repair of developmental deficits.

We believe in a client-centred approach to treatment that is guided by solid therapeutic principles rather than rote protocols.

We believe in adapting our methods to the client rather than forcing clients into rigid techniques that cause empathic breaks and simply don’t work.

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EMDR Focus Ltd is a limited company registered in England and Wales No. 9413560.