Thanks for your interest in registering with EMDR Focus as Therapist, or as Consultant/Consultant-in-Training. Follow the boxes and explanations below to let us know how you’d like to proceed.

Note that unless personally and individually agreed otherwise with EMDR Focus, we are now charging a small annual fee for this service, charged for the UK tax year April to March, and that we will now be using Google Groups to forward client and supervision requests.

  • The annual fee per email-forwarder list (for clients or supervisees) is £25 per registered email address.
  • The annual fee to be listed on our website’s Find an AI-EMDR Therapist Directory, with public-facing profiles here, whether as therapist or supervisor or both, is £45. This does not include being on either email referral list.

Note that the entry bar to joining this service is now set quite high, given that what we are offering clients and consultees is support with EMDR psychotherapy as a comprehensive therapeutic approach.

Though note also that, contrary to what we wrote Oct 2 2023 in the invitation letter, if you’re joining our Directory, we’re not after all asking for a signed confirmation that a colleague has viewed you at work with AI-EMDR.

Please appreciate that if your experience so far does not meet our criteria, it will not be possible for you to join or stay on our network.

5.0 Referral Network Application
Level of EMDR Training and Accreditation

Thanks for your interest in our work, but to join our referral network you first need to attend at least Unleash your EMDR Part 1. Here's where you can register.

Which EMDR Focus referral network are you asking to join? Tick all that apply, and you will be added to the relevant Google Group email forwarding service, based on your selection.
Tell us if you've already paid EMDR Focus for this financial year's inclusion in the list.
Would you like to add a second email address to which requests can be forwarded (note, this incurs further charge of £25 a year.)

Maximum file size: 516MB

I confirm that I have had at least 25 hours of personal therapy (not necessarily EMDR)
I confirm that, in addition to practice during basic EMDR training, I have had at least five hours of my own personal EMDR.
I confirm that I have appropriate and sufficient experience of working with complex trauma and dissociation;
How do you work?
Work with couples?
Work with ASD?
I am currently available for client referrals. *
I am currently available for supervision/consultation requests *
I have regular (at least monthly) supervision in Attachment-Informed EMDR (this can include peer supervision). My Consultant/peer supervisor has viewed a full session (recorded or live) of me working with a client using AI-EMDR and endorses my application to join the EMDR Focus referral list.

Maximum file size: 516MB

By ticking the Yes box below, I agree that I may be contacted directly in relation to this service, and that if I have asked to join the main EMDR Focus referral lists, either as Therapist or as Consultant, my profile and contact details may be made made publicly available on the EMDR Focus websites. I note that EMDR Focus takes no further responsibility of any kind for work that might ensue from inclusion on any online referral list. I also acknowledge that EMDR Focus will, on request, immediately remove my information from any lists and that in managing these lists, EMDR Focus will observe all requirements of GDPR. *
I confirm that, depending on availability of course, I will do my best to answer requests appropriately and directly to client or therapist contacting me as a result of visiting the EMDR Focus website..
Please confirm whether joining the paid-for options or, by personal prior agreement with EMDR Focus, joining the supervision/consultation network at no charge.
I agree to pay the relevant fee of £25 annually per email forwarding address, £45 annually for a Directory listing. Noting that both are invoiced annually from April 1 and that details can be removed at any time on request (no partial refund) or on payment lapsing. *
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