EMDR with Intergenerational Trauma – Friday Sept 6, 2019. London.

Mark’s father and grandfather in World War Two, as officers in the Indian Army.

One-Day Experiential Workshop

With Parnell Institute Trainer in Attachment-Focused EMDR Mark Brayne

Mary Ward House Conference Centre

5-7 Tavistock Place, London, WC1H 9SN

Friday, Sept 6, 2019, 0900-1700

£120 for colleagues new to this. Free to those who attended our first workshop in April, though donations gratefully received to help cover costs. 

6 EMDR Association UK CPD Points

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Therapists already trained in Laurel Parnell’s Attachment-Focused EMDR approach are invited to join us for an experimental follow-up day exploring working with transgenerational trauma.

Building on Laurel’s use of bridging for EMDR target identification, with active resourcing and creative imagination, we’ll use the day in a relatively small group (max 24 participants) to bring the same powerful tools to bear on what in the language of psychodynamics might be termed family and parental introjects.

Our first day last April brought several useful issues to the surface, which will be reflected in presentation and discussions, and some pairwork, as part of Mark’s preparation to present on this new protocol at the annual conference of the Parnell Institute in San Francisco in October 2019.

Feedback from the last day was both useful (hence this new day!) and positive, so if you’d like to join us, click here to register.

I love Mark’s enthusiasm – it’s infectious. I also love his and the team’s commitment to pushing back the frontiers

I felt stretched and out of my comfort zone because I was learning something new which I haven’t done for a very long time.

The idea of tracing back parental behaviour and trauma was fascinating. The live and video-ed demonstrations were helpful.

We’ll be meeting this time at the Mary Ward Conference Centre in Bloomsbury, with an opening presentation, a live demo with a volunteer, very probably some video clips with lots of discussion, and then pairwork to complement and deepen the work some of us will have done last time.

To join us on this day, you must have done either Laurel’s full three-day advanced EMDR workshop in the UK, or one of Mark’s Unleash your EMDR weekends, with supervised practicums.

Again, cost £120 to those new to this, and click here to register.