If you’re an attachment-trained EMDR therapist (having completed a practical, facilitated workshop with Mark Brayne, on top of your basic EMDR training), and would like to register availability for clients seeking AI-EMDR, please complete the form below.

We train and support EMDR as an integrative psychotherapy, and are happy to offer potential clients who visit these websites a list of trusted colleagues whose experience and training offer a reasonable level of trust that they are seriously competent at what they do.

Note that to register for this network, colleagues will need to confirm that they:

  • Are accredited to at least Practitioner level with their national EMDR Association;
  • Have completed Unleash Your EMDR workshops both Parts One and Two, with Mark Brayne;
  • Have experienced at least 50 hours of their own psychotherapy or counselling, and (beyond the practicum experience of pairwork on the basic EMDR training) at least 10 hours of their own personal EMDR;
  • Are in regular (at least once a month) supervision with an AI-EMDR-trained EMDR Consultant. This can include peer supervision;
  • Have appropriate and sufficient experience of working with complex trauma and dissociation;
  • Are comfortable working online;
  • Agree to their profile and contact details being made publicly available on Braynework/EMDRFocus websites.
  • Submit a reference from an accredited EMDR Consultant confirming their competence as an AI-EMDR therapist.

While we wish support colleagues in their private therapy practices, and commit to managing this list in strict accordance with GDPR regulations, please note that Braynework and EMDR Focus take no responsibility for any therapist-client work that may ensue from inclusion on our website referral pages.

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