AI-EMDR Case Conceptualisation and Target Identification

mark brayne


  • Start Course: 1) Fri Sept 24 2021 & 2) Sat Aug 20 2022. 0800-1100 BST/1700-2000 AEST
  • Course Duration: 3 hours
  • Course Capacity: Unlimited


  • Instructors Mark Brayne, Director EMDR Focus, EMDR Europe Accred Consultant

Webinar Summary

If there’s one thing an emerging EMDR therapist quickly finds out, it’s the central importance of finding the best and most relevant targets which when processed through Phases 4 to 6 of EMDR will make the most difference to our clients’ lives.

And if there’s another thing that is so often missed out in traditional psychotherapeutic and EMDR case conceptualisation, it’s a radical curiosity about how our clients actually got to be the way they are. And therefore, what best to focus on in the work we do.

This workshop with EMDR Focus’s Mark Brayne will be most appreciated by colleagues who have already done our Unleash your EMDR Part 1 workshop on the basics of AI-EMDR, though for this refresher/introductory webinar, that’s not a precondition.

CC&TI Webinar Dates

Unleash your EMDR: a Webinar on Case Conceptualisation and Target Identification.
Dates: 1) Fri Sept 24 2021 & 2) Sat Aug 20 2022.

Times: 0800-1100 BST/1700-2000 AEST.

Venue: Online, on Zoom.

Cost: £75.

About this webinar.

Webinar Outline

As colleagues who have attended his courses in recent years, Mark is passionate about the importance of taking time with a client to work out what their issue is really about.

Yes, it’s useful to do the usual comprehensive trauma history that we’re taught to do on our Basic EMDR training in the Standard Protocol, complete with psychometrics, tables, assessments, perhaps the 10 worst and 10 best memories and so on.

Some colleagues find it useful to compile with a client a full and sometimes even spreadsheet-based list of memories and experiences that might usefully and necessarily be targeted in EMDR.

However, in our experience the vast majority of clients present, at root, with stories of rupture and absent repair in childhood which continue deeply to determine how they continue in adulthood to manage and respond to stress, relationships, emotional challenge, ageing, loss…

Target identification and an intense curiosity about a client’s core attachment experiences, and a focus with that on how their nervous system got to be programmed in the first place, is at the heart of the attachment-informed EMDR we encourage.

This webinar offers a refresher of core understandings around how best to get going with even the most complex clients, and will be useful to colleagues both already familiar in principle with this way of working and to others for whom this might be new.

Course Focus
  • Unpacking central role of formative attachment experiences in childhood in determining how we all go on to experience ourselves in adulthood, in relation to self, others and the world.
  • Case Conceptualisation and the importance of radical curiosity in how our clients got to be the way they are, and what their presentation is really about.
  • Small group discussions of clients and stories and how EMDR needs to be best focused to get the deeper results clients seek.
  • A space to share inspiration and ideas in plenary and to have questions answered with particularly challenging clients.

Really useful to zoom in (literally!) on a particular aspect of practice which there isn’t time to do in the overall training because of course there’s a lot to get through then.

[I appreciated the] Central importance of getting really accurate target either side of bridge.

As always it has consolidated some of the material I have learnt and used with my clients which has increased my confidence and I always learn more.

I love the way Mark delivers the workshops – so enthralling, passionate about the subject and has loads of ideas that are really stimulating.

The language used, and the analogies. Where we can bridge from and the reminder of keep going back to target more frequently especially with complex trauma (which I did today and it worked better).

Health Warning

Although this webinar doesn’t include the full, in-depth, live demonstration of EMDR we do on the main workshops, even this short course can be quite a powerful experience, both for the group and for those willing to share perhaps their own stories.

While we find that participants value this opportunity, both as therapist and client, the experience can be triggering. For our part, we commit to doing our best to keep the training safe and contained.

We correspondingly ask participants to take responsibility for their own responses, and to remain at all times open and respectful towards the processes and learnings that will unfold as the workshops proceed.

You will of course have the opportunity to decline to bring personal issues to the practicum, but for your own sake and that of others on the workshop, please do allow space for a willingness to be vulnerable, as well as to be bold.

By registering for an EMDR Focus workshop, and recognising that participation can involve both observation and personal experience of sometimes profound trauma processing, participants agree to take appropriate responsibility for their own emotional wellbeing, and to ensure they have access to any necessary therapeutic and/or supervisory support following the workshop.

Cancellation Policy

We try to be as generous and kind as we can, and appreciate prompt payment for our workshops and webinars. If you find yourself needing to postpone or even cancel, we will be happy to hold your payment against a future event, or, if within two weeks of our meeting, refund minus a 10% handling charge. Closer to the time, refunds will be at the discretion of EMDR Focus.

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