Unleash your EMDR: Release the Magic Part 3. EMDR with Couples, and Addictions.

Workshop Details

  • Start Date: Fri/Sat Feb 26-27 2021. Fri-Sun Apr 9-11 2021 (especially for Australia/NZ)
  • Duration: Online, on Zoom. 0900-1700 Feb. 0700-1200 UK time (AU and NZ evening) for April.
  • Capacity: 60


  • Workshop Led By Mark Brayne & Annabel McGoldrick
  • Qualifications EMDR Europe Accredited Consultants

Course Summary

Unleash your EMDR Part 3 is our newest and at this point still experimental new project, running over two days, the first led by EMDR Focus Directors Mark and Jutta Brayne on working with couples, and the second guided by Annabel McGoldrick on EMDR with addictions (click this link).

Attendees to these days must already have completed our Unleash your EMDR Part 1 training, or Laurel Parnell’s full Part 3 advanced clinical workshop in Attachment-Focused EMDR.

And – very important – if you’d like to join us for the day on EMDR with couples, you will also need to be previously and explicitly trained in working with couples, or have extensive prior experience. This day is NOT a training in basic couples therapy.

The two elements (Fri/Sat in Feb, and running Fri-Sun in April) can be booked individually for those interested in one or other subject.

Part 3 Course Dates


Unleash your EMDR: Release the Magic - Part Three. Online.

Dates: Fri/Sat Feb 26-27 2021. Fri-Sun Apr 9-11 2021 (especially for Australia/NZ)

Times: Feb 0900-1700. Apr 0700-1200 UK time/pse check Oz/NZ locally)

Venue: Online, on Zoom.

Cost: £375 (note that this includes VAT, full facilitation & workshop materials). £195 for either of the days individually. For OZ/NZ, will be invoiced in AUD/NZD at the prevailing rate.

About these workshops

Workshop Outline

Unleash Part 3 is open to colleagues who have completed a Part 1 Unleash workshop, and on two separate days bookable together or individually (give us a week or two to work out how to manage that!) focuses on using EMDR with couples and with addictions.

And a reminder that for the couples day you will need to be previously and explicitly trained in this work, or have extensive prior experience. The day is NOT a training in basic couples therapy.

EMDR with couples can be astonishingly effective, including in these times of Covid especially online, drawing on an understanding of how we get triggered in relationship by unresolved issues from our developmental past.

Mark and Jutta Brayne, pictured at the top of this page in 2016 at the bottom of New Zealand at the end of a 3000km tandem odyssey the length of both NZ islands – the ultimate experience perhaps in bilateral stimulation – lead this part of the workshop, drawing their own extensive experience of both functional and dysfunctional couple dynamics.

Now EMDR Consultants, Mark and Jutta were divorced for 13 years from 2000 to 2013 when they remarried (yes, literally, she said Yes on the top of Machu Picchu in Peru, seconds after the second photograph above was taken) and both hold diplomas in transpersonal couple psychotherapy.

Join us to find out more (but not more than you can bear!)

Working with EMDR in the couples context, we draw generously from both the attachment-informed case conceptualisation and target selection tools you will have been introduced to in Unleash Part 1, and on understandings from Imago therapy in particular that the relationship is the primary client rather than the two individuals separately who co-create that dyad.

This part of the workshop will include an introduction to the fundamentals of EMDR-informed couples therapy, with videos, small group and facilitated pairwork using Zoom’s breakout rooms facility, and some exceptionally powerful and tender videos of how couple relationships can be transformed by targeting, in the intimacy of the pair, the root issues being triggered between them.

On EMDR and Addictions, many of our clients with attachment wounds go on to develop full-blown life threatening addictions, from anorexia through to alcoholism.

Learn on our second Unleash Part 3 day how specifically to target the euphoria of urges and addiction, the buzz that drives drinking, binge-eating through to drug use and pornography.

Even everyday addictions like scrolling through the internet, nail biting and watching TV can be dealt with using these methods.

As part of the workshop you’ll get to watch a live demonstration, practise using these tools and have space to discuss your own casework.

To give you a taster of the workshop content, do read Annabel’s recent article (link) for the EMDR Therapy Quarterly Winter 2020 Vol 2 No 1, the Journal of the UK EMDR Association and reproduced here on EMDR focus website.

Course Focus

Couples Day:

  • Creating safety and connection between couples;
  • How to coach couples to communicate with compassion and a willingness to understand the other’s experience;
  • Attachment- and narrative-informed case conceptualisation of how their relationship got to be the way it is;
  • The use of mutual bridging to identify the root experiences being re-experienced in the couple’s immediate interactions;
  • How to deploy bilateral stimulation/dual attention stimulus while maintaining kind and focused connection between the pair;
  • As in Parts 1 and 2, inviting a wide range of imaginal and creative interweaves to facilitate client healing in accordance with the principles of Adaptive Information Processing;
  • The importance and value of session structure and equipping the couple, in practical and measurable terms, to experience their joint lives differently.

Addictions Day:

  • The Feeling State Addiction Protocol (FSAP) from Robert Miller for reducing the intensity of the addictive buzz.
  • The DeTur method from Arnold Popky for reducing urges.
  • Jim Knipe’s inimitable way of combining the two.
  • Ways to target with EMDR the shame of being trapped in addictive patterns.
  • Skills to heal the roots of addiction in the past by repairing the ruptures in early attachment relationships.
  • Understand the relational dynamics that fuel or reduce addiction in the present.
  • Learn from Annabel’s experiences, including mistakes in applying all of these tools with her clients.
Testimonials from Unleash your EMDR Part 1.

Mark is the best trainer I have come across. He exudes expertise, is engaging, compassionate – and I would even use the word “gifted”- at what he does. For me, EMDR has come to life!

It was just the most incredible weekend, absolutely life-changing personally and professionally. It has changed and shaped my EMDR practice for ever more. Thank you!

Mark’s creative approach to Attachment-Focused EMDR brings clarity and focus to working with the root causes of trauma, and the demonstration session was very inspiring.

It was a wonderful and inspiring weekend – learning on so many levels, and this approach certainly expands the possibilities for EMDR within psychotherapy.

And from Unleash Part 2 focusing on intergenerational EMDR

One of the most powerful and valuable courses I have experienced. To be in such a safe place to engage fully in the supervised practicums meant that the learning was embedded at a very deep level, which can only be of benefit to both client and therapist.

This will make a significant difference to my practice, and I can already think of clients for whom this will be appropriate.

I loved this course, it was so informative, Mark was excellent, so warm and responsive. His style, and emphasis on attachment, warm, kindness was missing so much in our training.

Mark’s enthusiasm for EMDR, and his love of teaching, which is clearly a passion for him, is infectious and what makes training with him so enjoyable and leaves you wanting more!

Thank you so much Mark and Sarah, Jutta, James and Maxine. I loved my two days. Your presentation style is engaging and easy to understand and the demos were really useful. The supervision was both useful and tactful.

Health Warning

These workshops include full, in-depth and live demonstrations of EMDR with a real personal issue. This can be a very powerful experience, both for the group and for the volunteer kindly offering themselves to work openly this way.

Participants are invited to work in pairs and triads on similarly real issues, using the tools of attachment-informed EMDR, and this too can go surprisingly deep.

While we find that participants value this opportunity, both as therapist and client, the experience can be triggering. For our part, we commit to doing our best to keep the training safe and contained. We correspondingly ask participants to take responsibility for their own responses, and to remain at all times open and respectful towards the processes and learnings that will unfold as the workshops proceed.

You will of course have the opportunity to decline to bring personal issues to the practicum, but for your own sake and that of others on the workshop, please do allow space for a willingness to be vulnerable, as well as to be bold.

By registering for an EMDR Focus workshop, and recognising that participation can involve both observation and personal experience of sometimes profound trauma processing, participants agree to take appropriate responsibility for their own emotional wellbeing, and to ensure they have access to any necessary therapeutic and/or supervisory support following the workshop.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel up to six weeks before the workshop, we will refund your fee minus a 10% handling charge. After that, refunds will be at the discretion of EMDR Focus.

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By registering for an EMDR Focus workshop, and recognising that participation can involve both observation and personal experience of sometimes profound trauma processing, I agree to take appropriate responsibility for my own emotional wellbeing, and to ensure I have access to any necessary therapeutic and/or supervisory support following the workshop. *