EMDR Focus/Braynework Informal Referral Network

Please find here a list of EMDR-trained therapists who have completed workshops on Attachment-Informed EMDR, with either Mark Brayne or Dr Laurel Parnell.

As a visitor to this site potentially interested in EMDR for yourself, feel free to browse through the list and the details about the individual therapists, and check them out on their website if and how you would like to make contact.

Note that while we confirm at EMDR Focus and Braynework that these therapists have attended one of our training events, we take no responsibility for any therapy or activity that might flow from connections make through this list.

That said, good luck, and feel free to let us know how useful you find this service.

We hope in future to make this display rather more sophisticated and easier to navigate, but for the moment, making that happen requires IT skills which we don’t quite, yet, have…