EMDR Supervision

2018 August Danube Tandem (417)

At EMDR Focus, we’re committed to a model of supervision which encourages warmth and dance (or working in tandem, as above – travelling the Danube in 2018) in support of your journey towards EMDR mastery, while respecting and honouring the structure and focus of EMDR’s Standard Procedural Steps.

We work in close partnership with Dr Laurel Parnell from the United States, helping supervisees integrate an attachment focus into your core model of psychotherapy.

We build on how EMDR, with its eight-phased approach, encourages emotional healing of trauma through what this therapy’s founder Francine Shapiro calls Adaptive Information Processing (AIP).

As EMDR-Europe Accredited Consultant, EMDR Focus’s Mark Brayne can accompany you towards formal accreditation with the EMDR Association UK and Ireland, requiring at least 10 supervision hours on top of the 10 granted as part of Basic Training.

Mark’s fellow Director and partner at EMDR Focus Jutta Brayne hopes shortly (as of August 2019) to be similarly accredited as Consultant, in which capacity she’ll also be able to support to support therapists on their own accreditation journey.

If this sounds interesting – and you can handle being occasionally enthused with our travellers’ tales and parables of journeying – then do get in touch.