Leading Edge Workshops

Our EMDR Focus workshops give you new opportunities to advance your practical and client-focused skills with EMDR in the UK – and now, excitingly, in Australia and New Zealand as well.

EMDR Supervision

We’re committed to a model of supervision which encourages warmth and dance in support of your journey towards EMDR mastery, while respecting and honouring the structure and focus of EMDR’s Standard Procedural Steps.

Adjunctive EMDR

EMDR can be very successfully used alongside/in parallel with a client’s other mainstream therapy, as long as this is done with a clear focus and time-limited frame, and with full transparency and agreement between both therapists. 

EMDR with Couples

Using EMDR with couples online has been some of the most rewarding therapeutic work we’ve done. We’re preparing a first Unleash your EMDR online workshop to include this in February 2021, and do sign up to the mailing list if you’d like to know more as plans unfold.

Online EMDR Therapy

With the Corona virus, online EMDR therapy has proven to be highly effective – and in some ways even more powerful than working in-person. Clients now have a massively enhanced choice of practitioners, around the planet and not just nationally. While some therapists might find it less satisfying than in-person sessions, and can’t wait to get back to their consulting rooms, it can nonetheless feel very close and intimate. And at EMDR Focus and Braynework, we now work exclusively online.

Resources & Articles

Browse our selection of articles and papers from Mark Brayne over recent years, mainly on EMDR but also on journalism and trauma.