Welcome to our embryonic EMDR Focus pages looking with time to explore the opportunities and challenges of EMDR with clients on the Autistic Spectrum, particularly those at the High-Functioning end.

Together with Caroline van Diest, perhaps EMDR UK’s most passionate advocate of and researcher into EMDR with ASD (Autistic Spectrum Disorders), we’re hosting, with the EMDR Association’s East Anglia Regional Group, a day on this online on Saturday November 28.

It’s a subject that’s very close to home for EMDR Focus Director Mark Brayne, pretty much as high-flying as they get in career terms as former BBC and Reuters foreign correspondent and now EMDR Europe Consultant and trainer in advanced EMDR.

It was only this year, at the age of 70 and after a lifetime of well-masked inward emotional struggle, that Mark secured a formal diagnosis as Aspergers – that’s Hans A in the picture at the top of this page, who first identified this experience in his work before the Second World War in Vienna.

Aspergers, it should be added, is better understood not as a “Disorder”, as defined in the DSM-V, but a way of experiencing the world and self – differently and distinctly so from that of what are now understood in this discussion as “Neurotypicals”, or people, most probably, like you, dear reader.

In anticipation of our regional networking day with Caroline later in November, colleagues are welcome to browse a couple of blogs written by Mark on having confirmed that he’s Aspergers, first just before lockdown, and the second published in the autumn.

We hope they give you a sense of what it can be like on the inside of an Aspie – recognising that, as they say, if you’ve met one person with Autism, you’ve met one person with Autism.

We’re all distinct and different, so do join us in the coming months on a shared exploration of what Aspergers especially is all about.