Leading Edge Workshops

Our EMDR Focus workshops, now delivered exclusively online, give you new opportunities to advance your practical and client-focused skills with EMDR not just in the UK but around the world.

Our popular Unleash workshops all come with full facilitated work in dyads/triads and the opportunity seriously to practise new, focused skills in case conceptualisation, target identification and session structure, building on the work you’ve done so far in Parts 1 to 3 & 4 (or, if you’re in Australia or NZ, Part 2) of your basic training.

We place particular emphasis in training and supervision on resourcing clients in Phase 2 with more than just the special or safe place of the Standard Protocol, placing front and centre the proactive use of bridging/floatback to identify the most powerful early roots of trauma both big and small for effective targeting.

With a strong focus on session structure, we empower our trainees to use intuition, and creative, imaginal interweaves to reach the places that standard EMDR can find difficult to access, giving you permission and skills to adapt and build on what you already know about EMDR to the very best advantage of your most challenging clients.

Unleash Part 1 takes you through the basics of advanced, attachment-informed EMDR.

Unleash Part 2 takes you deeper and further into working with intergenerational trauma, dreams and parts.

We look forward to seeing and working with you online to take your EMDR to inspiring new levels.