In Support of EMDR Online – an Internet Discussion

With thanks to my EMDR Consultant colleague Deb Fish for the following article, summarising an online discussion of using the internet and video-conferencing for remote, online EMDR with clients. We spoke in November 2017, and the article appeared shortly afterwards in the house journal of the EMDR Association UK and Ireland EMDR Now.

(Deb works in private practice, and also for the NHS in Dorset, within secondary services, and fuller summary here Some key points from EMDR Online discussion Dec 8 2017.)


In response to a Jiscmail question for do’s and don’ts when offering EMDR therapy online, Mark Brayne, EMDR Europe Consultant, kindly and very deftly organised and chaired a well-structured and informative online discussion – in the process introducing most of the participants to the professional, online platform, called Zoom. Read more

First Annual Conference of the Parnell Institute: Laurel inspires in the Californian Redwoods

Mark Brayne with Laurel Parnell in the glorious Redwoods of Scotts Valley.

More than 100 delegates from across the US met for the recently established Parnell Institute’s first Annual Conference held at the 1440 Multiversity Conference Centre deep in the majestic redwoods of California’s Scotts Valley, just south of San Francisco. Mark Brayne, an EMDR Europe Consultant and Parnell Institute Facilitator, reports on the proceedings

The choice of venue could not have been more appropriate. Named for the 1440 precious minutes that make up each day, the 1440 Multiversity enabled us to use our time well, with plenaries and workshops facilitated by Dr Laurel Parnell, my now-fellow PI trainers and facilitators, and also Somatic Experiencing luminary Maggie Phillips.

Themes explored ranged from the body and spirituality in EMDR and the challenges of working with gender identity, and from how with EMDR we can rewire how dysfunctional early attachment experiences are stored in the brain to processing the primal wound of adoption and strategies for when an EMDR session “goes south” as the Americans say, or off the rails. Read more

EMDR and the Transpersonal

A weekend workshop for Qualified Professionals

Friday June 23 –  Sunday June 25 2017

The Turning Point, Sheringwood, Norfolk, NR26 8TS

EMDR – Eye Movement Desensitisation & Reprocessing – is one of the hottest and best-researched new approaches to psychotherapy, recommended for PTSD by organisations around the world.

What’s less well known is how perfectly EMDR, with its understanding of trauma and neuro-biology, meshes with the transpersonal and the relational in psychotherapy, and how powerfully it can enhance an integrative, person-centred approach to healing.

In this first-of-its-kind workshop, EMDR-Europe Accredited Consultant and Parnell institute training facilitator Mark Brayne from the Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy (CCPE) in London offered 16 psychotherapist colleagues, all but two already trained in EMDR, an introduction to how EMDR with a transpersonal and attachment-focused dimension can enhance and support their own work with clients and patients. Read more

Facilitator Training in preparation for September

AF-EMDR Trainee Facilitator team, London April 9 2017 – from l to r: Iram Shah, Mel Temple, Alison Teal, Jutta Brayne, Annabel McGoldrick, Mark Brayne, Jayne Averill-Smith, James Thomas, Joe Kearney, Gerry Virgo, Shawn Katz.

Gearing up for Laurel Parnell’s September trainings in the UK in her attachment-focused EMDR model, we’ve had a first-class day in London in partnership with Laurel’s West Coast colleague Alison Teal preparing our team of AF-EMDR facilitators for the trainings in York and London.

With commercial EMDR trainers in the UK focusing their efforts and marketing largely on basic training, and with other senior EMDR folk and regional groups offering only sporadic weekends of CPD, there’s a real need in the UK for post-basic training that equips therapists to use EMDR with more complex client presentations.

And that’s the gap we at EMDR Focus are aiming at least to begin to address, in partnership with the Parnell Institute in the US. Read more

Parnell on the way, and new focus for Focus

After 18 months of silence on this blog, it’s time to update briefly with the exciting news that Laurel Parnell’s workshops in September this year are already filling fast, with York generously over-subscribed (sorry to those who are missing out) and London heading over the half-way mark towards our max of 150 delegates.

The enthusiasm among our EMDR colleagues in the UK to learn Laurel’s attachment-focused way of using EMDR is most gratifying, given also the reservations some in our community have about whether her modified protocol is kosher, with its simplification of Phase Three assessment and special emphasis on resourcing, interweaves and structure.

It’s good to see the future of the Standard Protocol high on the agenda of this week’s annual EMDR UK and Ireland conference in London, since without flexibility and innovation, all models of therapy risk atrophy and marginalisation. Read more

Unleashing EMDR, London, Round One

IMG_20150905_102234Dr Parnell’s first two long-weekend Unleash your EMDR trainings in London on working at depth with complex clients were a resounding success, with enthusiastic feedback from the total of 72 participants.

Working with rich imaginary figures of protection, nurture and wisdom, with a highly effective bridging technique to identify key past experiences still affecting a client’s present life, and with proactive interweaves, trainees quickly found that targets, as they’re called in EMDR, can be resolved completely and effectively in a sometimes astonishingly short time.

As one participant emailed after the course was over:

I attended on the first weekend and from the Monday morning started working differently with my clients. Even in one week the benefits I am seeing are amazing.

Using the nurturing, protector and wise figures really helps the clients and they are reporting spontaneous ‘appearances’ of the figures when needed in their lives.

I’ve also felt at ease with myself to interact with the clients differently and use their imaginations more to great effect.

I understanding bridging much more and using it again to great effect, along with a diagram now to keep track of the memories that come up, ensuring they are all cleared and then future template.

I had times before when I was lost in the memory chaining. Going back to target more frequently is also really working, something I didn’t do as much before. I feel as if I have had an ‘advanced’ EMDR course that has improved my knowledge.

This is the only course I have been on and started using my learning straight away, so thank you once again. I look forward to her coming back.

Read more

Unleashing our EMDR

We’ve been having an exciting time with Laurel Parnell this long weekend at the CCPE in London, as she introduces 36 enthusiastic and experienced EMDR therapists to ways of unleashing their work-in-depth with a new understanding of attachment and deep processing.

Dr Laurel Parnell at work in London

EMDR is increasingly evidence-based as a therapy of choice in addressing and clearing the symptoms of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder – but as we’ve been hearing this weekend, when used in a client-focused and undogmatic way, it is also brilliant at drilling into the deepest roots of childhood distress, and releasing trauma that can have been locked into the system for a lifetime.

There are those in the international EMDR community who challenge Dr Parnell’s way of working as somehow “not authentic EMDR.”

We can only recommend that sceptics experience her training and this way of working themselves to clear misunderstandings about how powerful and appropriate this work can be for the widest range of clients. Read more

Unleash your EMDR

What an exciting week coming up!

CCPE London, W2 6NE
CCPE London, W2 6NE

As I write this, it’s two days until Dr Laurel Parnell joins us for our first Unleash your EMDR advanced trainings, at the gorgeous CCPE pictured here on the right.

We (that’s Mark and Jutta of Braynework and EMDR Focus) recently returned from an inspiring week training with Laurel at the Omega Institute near the Hudston River in beautiful upstate New York, where Mark completed his Facilitator training with the Parnell Institute, and Jutta undertook Laurel’s Parts One and Two Basic EMDR course so that she knows the ropes too.20150721_183235 (1)

The setting at Omega was out of this world – tranquil, inspiring, the perfect backdrop to going deep into the EMDR learning experience with Laurel, her team of delightful and skilled American facilitators and 45 enthusiastic trainees.

Read more