AI-EMDR Online Practice Day | Saturday Dec 10, 2022 | 0900-1700 GMT

The picture above captures our first EMDR Focus in-person event in nearly three years, Friday October 14, 2022, at the lovely Radnor Hall alongside Wesley’s Chapel in the London City, bringing a small group of AI-EMDR enthusiasts for a day’s actual and supervised practice in this way of working.

It was a lot of fun and a great success – so we repeated the idea on Saturday December 10, albeit this time online only, and will be posting a report on this here soon.

New dates to be set for the new year, so keep an eye on this page. Hoping all the links work on this new webpage, we hope to see you in due course.

It’s all very well learning the basics of EMDR and then of AI-EMDR on the workshops, with demos and theory and a short opportunity to test-drive new ideas in triads.

But how do we implement these approaches in actual practice, with clients who may not be (and often aren’t, let’s face it) quite so amendable and open to deep work as EMDR-trained colleagues also wanting to learn.

These practice days, still somewhat experimental, offer space to try out new ideas, with real-time facilitation from members of our lovely EMDR Focus support team.

As ever, we explore how our clients got to be the way they are, and what therefore are the developmental EMDR targets that need processing.

Having offered the workshop at a reduced fee in December 2020, future events will be charged at the full rate of £100. 

Thank you sooooo much for a great experiential day. It was really amazing to be able to ask questions, hear other people’s experiences, see Mark work his magic and try it out myself again. It really has boosted my confidence with AI-EMDR now and given me a new energy for my practice.

Feels like a real game changer… Can’t thank you enough.

Loved the workshop, learned a lot and I like this less structured approach as there are some knowledge jewels that come up from people’s questions. Have put a few things into practice with a client today and it was wonderful!

(I got from the day) a lot more clarity on doing IG AI EMDR. The value of actually practising – that has helped me take the next step forward and upped my game!

My own practice session demonstrated another principle, that even if the memory bridge leads into an apparently positive memory it does so because the attachment story wants itself told. I could feel the tectonic plates shifting for quite some time, so to speak, which demonstrated to me how powerful an experience AI-EMDR can be when you’re sitting in the client’s chair.

These days involve full, in-depth, live experiences of EMDR, which can be a powerful experience both for the group and for those willing to share perhaps their own stories.

While we find that participants value this opportunity, both as therapist and client, the experience can be triggering. For our part, we commit to doing our best to keep the training safe and contained.

We correspondingly ask participants to take responsibility for their own responses, and to remain at all times open and respectful towards the processes and learnings that will unfold as the workshops proceed.

By registering for an EMDR Focus workshop, and recognising that participation can involve both observation and personal experience of sometimes profound trauma processing, participants agree to take appropriate responsibility for their own emotional wellbeing.

They will furthermore ensure they have access to any necessary therapeutic and/or supervisory support following the workshop.

We try to be as generous and kind as we can and appreciate prompt payment for our workshops and webinars.

If you find yourself needing to postpone or even cancel, we will be happy to hold your payment against a future event, or, if within two weeks of our meeting, refund minus a 10% handling charge.

Closer to the time, refunds will be at the discretion of EMDR Focus.

A reminder from Wesley’s Chapel that we’re not all just upper bodies and faces.

Legs as well… Though for our next online practice day, colleagues don’t get to see this lower reality.