Rebecca O'Callaghan
Am I currently available for referrals:   Yes
Do I work with couples?   No
Telephone - +353851598827
Online only, from Dublin, Ireland
How best to reach me:   Email
Level of EMDR certification/accreditation:  

Accredited Practitioner

I've been a practicing Gestalt Therapist since 2008 and having personal experience of trauma, I have always been drawn to this kind of work. I found EMDR tremendously healing and so embarked on adding that tool to my toolbox in 2018 and am now an Accredited EMDR Practitioner, working towards Consultant.

I'm also a certified therapist in Internal Family Systems (IFS), and find it goes beautifully with EMDR and trauma work.

Overall I would say I integrate many different approaches into my work, blending science and art, trusting my body and my heart, and dancing with connection and disconnection.

First and foremost I find the relationship to be the most important element in the work, which, if providing enough safety, can enable healing, transformation and growth.

EMDR is a powerful tool, along with many psychotherapeutic concepts, modalities and methods, but as they say, “the scalpel does not make the surgeon”.

It is my life's work to continue my deep personal exploration and unfolding of myself, and in so doing, along with my clients' guidance, sharpening my tools and using them with deeper integrity, fluidity, and compassion.

Level of training and experience in AI-EMDR:

Mark Brayne's Unleash your EMDR Part 1, Mark Brayne's Unleash your EMDR Part 2 (intergenerational, parts, dreams)