Armele Philpotts
Am I currently available for referrals:   Yes
Do I work with couples?   Yes
Telephone - 07410 193219
North East England
How best to reach me:   Email
Level of EMDR certification/accreditation:  


As a therapist working in the NHS, for Relate and in private practice I noticed that there was something I just couldn't help my clients with. I could support people to change their relationships or their work and often that helps people in the here and now. Often they would make the changes and then say, “Armele, I've made these changes I want, but I still feel scared and unsettled. I don't feel myself.”

Once I learned about how helpful EMDR could be I'd been feeling increasingly frustrated with having to refer some clients to other therapists to have EMDR therapy and so I decided to train in this technique, and it's been so rewarding to work with people in this way. It feels like I've added the missing piece of the jigsaw

Level of training and experience in AI-EMDR:

Unleash your EMDR – Release the Magic Part 1, Unleash your EMDR Part 2 (intergenerational, parts, dreams), Unleash your EMDR Part 3 (couples and/or addictions)