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Level of Training and Accreditation with national EMDR Association. Note that accreditation to at least Practitioner level is a precondition for inclusion on this database. *
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I confirm that I have had at least 50 hours of personal therapy (not necessarily EMDR) *
I confirm that, in addition to practice during basic EMDR training, I have had at least 10 hours of my own personal EMDR. *
I confirm that I have appropriate and sufficient experience of working with complex trauma and dissociation; *
I am comfortable with working online. *
Work with couples? *
I am currently available for referrals *
I have regular (at least monthly) supervision with an AI-EMDR-trained & EMDR-accredited Consultant (this can include peer supervision). My Consultant has viewed a full session of me working with a client using AI-EMDR and endorses my application to join the EMDR Focus referral list. I attach below a signed confirmation of this. *
Maximum upload size: 516MB
Maximum upload size: 516MB
By ticking the Yes box below, I acknowledge that in managing this list, EMDR Focus will observe all requirements of GDPR. I agree to my profile and contact details being made publicly available on Braynework/EMDRFocus websites.. I note that EMDR Focus takes no further responsibility for work that might ensue from inclusion on any online referral list. I also acknowledge that EMDR Focus/Braynework will, on request, immediately remove my information from any lists.