EMDR Therapy Quarterly April 2020, special edition

Includes Mark Brayne’s summary of the rapid adoption by the UK’s EMDR community of working online.

It’s a Kind of Magic – EMDR and the Transpersonal

Article from Jan 2017 edition of EMDR Now, reprinted here with kind permission.

As a fellow EMDR junkie reading EMDR Now (and we know who we are…), I wonder what your favourite criteria are for measuring how well a client is reprocessing their trauma…

The T-Word – Trauma and EMDR

Mark Brayne writes for the Hoffman Institute Magazine in 2016.

EMDR Now 2015

Mark Brayne questions rigidity in insistence on the Standard Protocol as the sole benchmark of acceptable EMDR, asking “EMDR Standard Protocol – Time to Move On?”

Mark Brayne Masters Thesis 2000

The Personal Experience of the Foreign Correspondent. Mark Brayne Masters Thesis 2000 where he considers the personal experiences of journalists from the perspective of emotion, creativity and meaning. Click the following link to download the PDF.

Personal Experience of the Foreign Correspondent

Working with Trauma

For BACP Private Practice 2015. Mark Brayne argues that talk therapies that don’t proactively address the traumatic root causes of presenting distress can be worse than useless.

Journalists & Mental Health 2009

Journalists and Mental Health (Greenberg et al) – academic paper exploring best-practice trauma support

Early Psychosocial Intervention Following Traumatic Events

Article in the American Journal of Psychiatry. Jonathan I. Bisson, D.M., F.R.C.Psych., Mark Brayne,M.A., Frank M. Ochberg, M.D., and George S. Everly Jr.,Ph.D.