Since completing the training (Nov 2019) I’m witnessing some absolutely brilliant results. Each and every one of my clients now has a resource team, which they think is excellent by the way. After doing this with one of my longer term clients she then informed me she was ready to “do EMDR”; a breakthrough we had both been waiting for!

This method has totally transformed my practice. My clients are truly astonished at how well they can process. I am super grateful to you all – it has really helped to slow my practice and totally re-connect to my clients. Tapping may seem simple, but, you so helped when you told me to “really commit” to my client, Mark. I was also advised to be more gentle from other instructors, (and) again my clients have responded so, so well to this.

Huge, huge thanks. Keep doing what you’re doing, because you have no idea how many lives you are actually changing for the better!