I am so glad I volunteered for the demo for two very specific reasons – for myself and also for my practice as an EMDR therapist. As a therapist, the experience was invaluable, to fully experience such a shift for myself, it has increased my confidence greatly in helping clients to achieve big shifts.

I have been using everything I’ve learned and already am starting to see this make an incredible difference to three clients in particular. This is exactly what they needed. It also reinforced for me that as a learner I really need that experiential element to consolidate what I learn by reading.

As an individual, I felt completely held by the process. I appreciated your gentle but completely focused approach. I’m sure you can imagine that this consistent challenge in my life goes through peaks and flows.

As a mother it is a real challenge and I know I have this familial legacy of ploughing through and just getting on with things. It’s easy to get into a groove of doing everything myself and this experience really reminded me that others have lots to offer me that it’s not helpful for me to go it alone psychologically.

The experience was so healing. When we finished that day, I went downstairs and hugged my son for a long time, it felt so different as so much of my anger had just melted away. My heart felt so much more open.

Things have been calmer since we did the workshop and I firmly believe that EMDR session has contributed to that.