Excellent (couples) course, loved how the AI-EMDR couple protocol dovetails so productively with Imago therapy/the CCPE approach to couple therapy. EMDR can be used to alleviate barriers to empathy and intimacy between the couple arising from early attachment wounding.

Relatively basic innovation of getting the couple to tap each other is so effective, helps promote empathy, demonstrates and encourages self-regulation on the part of the witnessing, tapping partner, again accords beautifully with fundamental principles of Imago-type couple therapy. I appreciated the many rich references and pithy quotes which really helped to encapsulate and drive home crucial points: in order to be understood, first seek to understand, surviving the experience of the other’s internal reality etc. Appreciated the light touch/humour of : marriage allows you to annoy one special person for the rest of your life, appropriate gentle humour makes difficult messages palatable for many couples. Valuable new phrasing for me : EARNED secure attachment, haven’t come across that handy description before. Really liked the bridging back from a simple interaction between M & T at start of session, working with what’s in the room. Many thanks, can’t wait to try this with couples !