Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful training I have had with you. Following the couples training day I tried your way of working with a couple. The wife went first; she had a real AHA moment and realised her child self was seeking comfort and how that plays out in the relationship. She came to the conclusion that now she is able to do that for herself and if she needs to get it from him, she needs to be very specific as ‘he cant read her mind. ‘ I later asked the husband how it felt to witness the work that she had done. He said it was amazing to witness how relaxed she became and that she looked beautiful. OK that was emotional for me too.

With intergenerational work, I was able to take a client who felt unsupported by mom back to her great grandmother. Clearing out her stress and that of the grandmother and mother, was so beneficial for the client, that she remains amazed.

So just a big thank you for helping me expand my EMDR capacity to help the client even deeper.