Unleash your EMDR Testimonials

Some participant feedback from Laurel Parnell’s EMDR trainings in York and London, 2015 and 2017:

Thank you to Laurel Parnell and EMDR Focus for the incredibly helpful training and practise day in London this September. I have subsequently had some incredible sessions using the modified protocol and being really active with interweaves.

Of particular note was successfully processing a sexual abuse memory within a one-hour session. Thanks to Laurel’s advice to check early on what is happening in the body, I realised almost immediately when the client began to dissociate. I was then able to ground them quickly and carry on in a way that felt safe and contained, until the target was fully resolved. The client felt empowered and able to let go of anger. It was just amazing!

I have been using Laurel’s approach since the training weekend with fabulous effects. It’s lovely to give the client more control & there’s no more ‘clunkyness’ going on! Which means the therapy flows more naturally.

I saw seven clients today, and I have to say that I brought so much of the training into the day and with really great effect.

I had one client who had really struggled to develop a peaceful image that really felt safe  – today she imagined being gently licked and lovingly encapsulated by a lion, protected by an eagle circling her while her partner kept watch, with an elephant’s herd surrounding them, and her breathing being co-regulated by the lion’s breathing, by an oak tree. What an imagination that I had not tapped into until now! She was inspired and so was I.

Even in one week the benefits I am seeing are amazing. Using the nurturing, protector and wise figures really helps the clients and they are reporting spontaneous “appearances” of the figures when needed in their lives. I’ve also felt at ease with myself to interact with the clients differently and use their imaginations more to great effect.

I am understanding bridging much more and using it again to great effect… Going back to target more frequently is also really working… I feel as if I have had an “advanced”  EMDR course that has improved my knowledge. This is the only course I have been on and started using my learning straight away, so thank you once again.

Superb. I loved the honesty the group achieved and the fear reduction this engendered.