Join the UWE AI-EMDR Research Project

Join the UWE AI-EMDR Research Project

Thanks for your interest in our EMDR Association UK/East Anglia EMDR Regional Group/University of the West of England research project into Attachment-Informed EMDR with what we’re defining as client presentations involving attachment-informed complexity. 

We’re looking for a small cohort (a rough handful for each arm) of experienced, confident and enthusiastic EMDR therapists, willing to work with four or five clients each over a period of 10 sessions, these to be randomly allocated by UWE and at a (relatively modest) subsidised fee. 

We expect the data to be collected/the work to be done early in 2023. Therapists taking part will be coached and briefed appropriately before undertaking the work, and then invited for supervision at regular intervals during the project, as well as asked to fill in weekly forms capturing their clients’ progress.  

To learn more about the project itself, click here to be taken to the full research proposal as signed off between UWE and the EMDR Association UK. 

If you’d like to register for either the AI-EMDR or the Standard Protocol EMDR arms of this research, either as therapist or as supervisor/consultant, please fill in the form below.

Any questions, please email us here.

Level of Training and Accreditation with national EMDR Association.
For which role would you like to register?
If registering for the AI-EMDR arm, I confirm that I have completed both Parts 1 and 2 of “Unleash Your EMDR” training.
If registering for the Standard Protocol arm, I confirm that I have not completed any specific training in attachment-informed/focused EMDR.
I confirm that I have appropriate and sufficient experience of working with attachment-informed complexity in clients.

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By ticking the Yes box below, I acknowledge that in managing this research project, the University of the West of England and the EMDR Association UK will observe all requirements of GDPR, and that I would like to be considered for participation in this AI-EMDR research project. *