EMDR Toolbox

Jim KnipeUsing EMDR with Complex Trauma and Dissociative Personality Structure

A weekend with Master EMDR Clinician Jim Knipe

Saturday Oct 1 – Sunday Oct 2, 2016

Resource for London, 356 Holloway Road, London N7 6PA

EMDR Focus was delighted to support a very special training weekend in October 2016 with one of the international EMDR community’s most inspiring and innovative trainers and authors.
Jim Knipe’s exquisitely client-centred  and imaginative approach, set out in his popular book EMDR Toolbox, has revolutionised the practice of EMDR therapists around the world, with simple techniques such as CIPOS and the targeting of positive affect.
(CIPOS for those who haven’t had the privilege and fun of experiencing Jim – he was last in the UK in 2011  – stands for Constant Installation of Present Orientation and Safety, and is best paired with use of the Back of the Head or BoH scale.)
Working in partnership with EMDR Consultant Sonya Farrell of EMDR East Anglia, EMDR Focus was pleased to support some 150 clinincians in learning new techniques from Jim to deepen and enrichen their practice.
Jim is an EMDR-HAP Trainer, an EMDRIA-approved Consultant and Instructor, and was designated a “Master Clinician” by EMDRIA in 2007.  He’s been using EMDR since 1992.
On this London training, Jim taught a toolbox of techniques and procedures including the following:

  • EMDR for addictions (including to Internet & Pornography) 
  • Theoretical framework for assessment & treatment of clients with Complex PTSD
  • Pain Relief Technique
  • CIPOS technique
  • Working with Defences, Avoidance & Shame
  • Origins of Dissociation
  • Dissociation – Internal family Systems
  • Videos that cover each chapter of his new book
  • ‘Loving Eyes’ Procedure
  • How to integrate these new methods into basic training
    in EMDR.


Now in his early 70s, Jim is no longer travelling quite as vigorously as he once did, but if you’d like to get in touch with him, do let us know and we’ll pass on your details.