Priscilla Short is a counselling psychologist, relationship therapist and EMDR therapist. Highly experienced, she has worked in a range of different settings including private practice, the NHS (inpatient and outpatient settings) and the third sector. Priscilla’s first career was as a qualitative researcher and she remains passionate about having an evidence-based and research-informed practice, utilising psychoeducation in therapy.

Priscilla’s style is relational and authentic: she is not a blank slate therapist. Her central aim at the beginning of therapy is to create a warm, non-judgmental working relationship with clients where they are able to reflect on, and work though, the issues that have brought them into counselling. Through having a better understand of themselves and through processing any unresolved trauma, clients are able to move forwards in a way that is more life-enhancing and aligned to their values.

Priscilla’s therapeutic approach is integrative, drawing on many different influences such as systemic theory, psychodynamic / attachment theory, Acceptance and Commitment therapy, mindfulness, compassion based therapy, polyvagal theory, CBT, RLT and the AIP theory of trauma that underpins EMDR therapy.