Drop-in Supervision for Attachment-Informed EMDR


These sessions have been set up for the duration of Mark and Jutta’s sabbatical (April – October 2023) and will continue beyond that too. Each month one of our facilitators from EMDR Focus, Kristina Sandstrom, will host these 90-minute drop-in supervision sessions to assist and support your questions and continuing development of your practice of AI-EMDR (attachment-informed EMDR).

This is a place to bring practice questions, case questions or any question you may have regarding AI-EMDR. It’s aimed at those who have completed the Unleash trainings with Mark Brayne and the EMDR Focus team, however if you’re curious and have not yet completed these trainings you’re welcome to come along and get a feel for this way of working by speaking with either James or Kristina, and hearing how others are working within this framework and understanding.

1st Tuesday every month (4pm-5:30pm UK time)
Supervised by Kristina Sandstrom
90 minutes, at £75 per session. Recording available for those who attend in person.

Sessions are offered on a drop-in basis; your supervisor will remain the same each month, however you are not obliged to commit for any duration. This makes it an ideal place for those one-off questions, or queries you may have as you continue to integrate and develop your skills.

Sessions will be supervised and facilitated by Kristina on Tuesdays and it will be at the facilitator’s discretion based on who is in attendance as to how the session will run.

In their roles as facilitator, they can offer supervision, but also a place to practice and role-play a particular aspect of AI-EMDR, a place to speak in more detail about the AI-EMDR processes and protocols (including intergenerational, interweaves, transfer of perspective, parts and dreams), and to bring your case questions in relation to your use of AI-EMDR.

The intention of this space is to support your development and use of AI-EMDR as an integrated part of your practice of EMDR as a whole therapy. All questions are welcome.

  • During supervision, key concepts from Attachment-Informed EMDR will be highlighted in relation to your presenting questions, whether for your own practice or for a specific client, including but not limited to;
  • Unpacking central role of formative attachment experiences in childhood in determining how we all go on to experience ourselves in adulthood, in relation to self, others and the world.
  • Case Conceptualisation and the importance of radical curiosity in how our clients got to be the way they are, and what their presentation is really about.
  • Small group discussions of clients and stories and how EMDR needs to be best focused to get the deeper results clients seek.
  • A space to share inspiration and ideas in plenary and to have questions answered with particularly challenging clients.

Although these sessions do not include full, in-depth, live demonstration of EMDR (as is done on the main workshops and trainings), even these sessions can be quite a powerful experience, both for the group and for those willing to share their stories.

While we find that participants value this opportunity, both as therapist and client, the experience can be triggering. For our part, we commit to doing our best to keep the training safe and contained.

We correspondingly ask participants to take responsibility for their own responses, and to remain at all times open and respectful towards the processes and learnings that will unfold as the workshops proceed.

You will of course have the opportunity to decline to bring personal issues to the practicum, but for your own sake and that of others on the workshop, please do allow space for a willingness to be vulnerable, as well as to be bold.

By registering for an EMDR Focus workshop, and recognising that participation can involve both observation and personal experience of sometimes profound trauma processing, participants agree to take appropriate responsibility for their own emotional wellbeing, and to ensure they have access to any necessary therapeutic and/or supervisory support following the workshop.

We try to be as generous and kind as we can, and appreciate payment for our offerings ahead of time. If you find yourself needing to postpone or even cancel, we will be happy to hold your payment against a future event, or, if within two weeks of our meeting, offer a refund minus a 10% handling charge. Closer to the time, refunds will be at the discretion of EMDR Focus.

Drop-in Supervision with Kristina

1st Tuesday every month

Online on Zoom

2 May, 6 June, 4 July, 1 August, 5 September, 3 October, 7 November, 5 December

4pm-5:30pm UK time
90 minutes

£75 per session

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