Advanced EMDR Clinical Workshops with Dr Laurel Parnell: Attachment-Focused Healing of Complex Trauma. With supervised practice.

IMG_20190921_121104 (2)Thur-Sat Sept 10-12 2020 | Liverpool | Friends Meeting House, 22 School Lane, L1 3BT

Thur-Sat Sept 17-19 2020 | London | Wesleyan Chapel, 49 City Rd, Shoreditch, EC1Y 1AU (WAITING LIST ONLY)

£595 (includes VAT)

18 EMDR Europe CPD points.

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EMDR Focus is delighted to sponsor the trainings in the UK of Dr Laurel Parnell, one of the EMDR world’s most inspiring and influential writers and trainers.

Dr Parnell is returning to our shores in September 2020 for two of her popular three-day practical workshops on Attachment-Focused EMDR, not just in London this time but also in Liverpool.

Author of six books on EMDR, including her two most recent releases Attachment-Focused EMDR: Healing Relational Trauma and Rewiring the Addicted Brain, Dr Parnell has pioneered EMDR for more complex clients, incorporating relational strategies to facilitate the long-term healing of childhood neglect, physical and sexual abuse, death and early loss, birth trauma, medical trauma, caregiver disconnection and vicarious trauma.

Laurel lecturing in the Wesleyan Chapel’s Radnor Hall. Here with Powerpoint, usually not…

Laurel’s advanced clinical workshops, (normally entirely Powerpoint-free) are intensely practical and skills-based, built around a live and full hour-long demonstration of her approach each morning with a volunteer, with rich teaching and discussion followed again each day with afternoon triads where you try this for yourselves.

While the cost might appear quite high for a three-day workshop, bear in mind that this covers our wonderful team of experienced UK-based EMDR Focus Facilitators, as well as – sorry for the gory detail – VAT that we need to account for as AF-EMDR takes off in the UK. 

After this training you will:

  • Understand the fundamental principles of Attachment-Focused EMDR, including safety, resourcing and creative imagination.
  • Be empowered as therapist efficiently to repair early developmental stages using imagination and bilateral stimulation.
  • Transform your EMDR targeting with the bridging technique to help clients overcome current symptoms.
  • Upgrade your interweaves to better handle dissociation, phobias, grief, loss and addictions.
  • Leave with new techniques to structure your sessions and unblock blocked processing.

There’s a more detailed account here of how these workshops unfold, and as ever with a real, practical, skills-based workshop, please also bear in mind that sessions – both observed and experienced – are real, personal, and sometimes pretty full-on emotionally.

So it’s essential that you’re prepared to take part with courage, commitment and a willingness to explore elements of your own attachment-related issues within supervised AF-EMDR sessions with colleagues who are, after all, also still learning.

Be prepared also to receive in-the-moment feedback and coaching from our facilitators in your role as therapist in triads and pairwork, an admittedly unusual experience which can sometimes be experienced as unsettling.


The EMDR Focus UK team (here in London’s Sky Garden, close to our new Wesleyan Chapel training venue:) From l-r Annabel McGoldrick, Sarah Robinson, James Thomas (holding the selfie stick), Laurel Parnell, Shawn Katz, Mark Brayne, and Jutta Brayne.

See here for biographies of our enthusiastic and experienced team of EMDR Focus facilitators.

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Cancellations up to six weeks before the training will be refunded minus a 10% handling charge. After that point, without someone else to take the place, there will be no refund.