AI-EMDR with Dreams

Sigmund Freud famously described dreams as the Royal Road to the Unconscious.

In Attachment-Informed EMDR (Eye Movements figuring of course also centrally in REM sleep), dreams can serve as an immensely useful pathway to the core targets which when uncovered and processed can transform a client’s life.

Dreams are central to Mark Brayne’s own practice of EMDR, and these webinars and workshops offer space to share powerful stories of metaphor and meaning, in both our own and our clients’ dream worlds.

Note that dreams are a key focus of Unleash your EMDR Part 2 workshops, and the webinar here can serve either as an introduction or refresher.

We’ve now got two workshops lined up between now and Easter ’24, one with timings pitched at the US as well as UK, and the other also at Australia.

And, new costings. We’re asking for £95 (approx USD120 or AUD180 ), but we’re open to you joining us for a fee you feel you might more comfortably afford.

Dreams can be the most exciting part of work with clients able and willing to do this work.

Trained in a core transpersonal model of psychotherapy (CCPE 1995-2000), Mark has extensive experience diving deep with clients into the meaning and metaphor of their dreams, drawing on what Carl Jung called our species’ collective unconscious with common themes emerging across all cultures and ethnic groups.

A house or dwelling as a symbol for the Self. Water representing emotion. Clutter in the attic or sludge in the basement symbolising the trauma-informed debris from the past which clients need to explore and clear before they can truly embrace their potential in the present.

Dreams can be powerfully emotional. They can be very simple. They can be multi-layered and profoundly complex.

But above all, dreams are an invitation from the unconscious to go deep and explore – and EMDR is the perfect platform from which to do that.

Depending on the time available, participants will be invited to bring their own and clients’ dreams to explore meaning and metaphor.

Live demonstration with a volunteer of dreamwork and EMDR.

Mark’s enthusiasm and depth of knowledge inspires and lead us on a journey of exceptional learning. Dreams are indeed the royal road into our internal psyche and Mark makes an excellent tour guide of the royal road.

Thank you Mark and Team! I really liked the concept [of working with dreams] when you introduced in Unleash 2 – but I felt I wanted to spend more time on it, so this workshop was perfect! Already used it with two clients and the outcome and bridging were mindblowing!

Loved how it all wove together so beautifully with intergenerational EMDR.

Definitely got me thinking more about the symbolism of dreams.

It was a luxury to be able to see Mark delve into all the possible connections that had sprung up within the demo session, and see why he chose to follow the path that he did.