EMDR with Transgenerational Trauma – Friday April 26, CCPE London

A One-Day Experiential Workshop

With Parnell Institute Trainer in Attachment-Focused EMDR

Mark Brayne

CCPE, 2 Warwick Cres, London W2 6NE

Friday, April 26, 2019, 0930-1700


(6 EMDR Europe CPD points – to join the waiting list, click here.)

Mark’s father and grandfather in World War Two, as officers in the Indian Army.

EMDR therapist colleagues already trained in working with Attachment and Laurel Parnell’s Modified Protocol for complex trauma are invited to join Mark and his EMDR Focus team for an exciting, and still somewhat experimental, exploration of working at depth with transgenerational trauma.

Building on Dr Parnell’s revolutionary approach to bridging for EMDR target identification and her use of active resourcing and creative imagination, this day will equip you to bring the same powerful tools to bear on what in the language of psychodynamics might be termed family and parental introjects.

After all, how often do we find ourselves exploring attachment trauma and developmental dysfunction with our clients and sense so strongly that this “isn’t their stuff”, but mother’s distress or father’s family story handed down and internalised, both explicitly and implicitly.

This one-day workshop in the delightful surroundings of London’s Little Venice will be a chance to explore with Mark – including a live demonstration of how this is done – his exciting new discoveries in the power of targeting client trauma held by parts/ego states within what Richard Schwartz would call their Internal Family System.

The day will consist of an introduction to the theory and a reminder of the basic principles of Laurel Parnell’s Attachment-Focused approach to EMDR and to the language of parts, a live demonstration with a volunteer, and then practical opportunity during the afternoon to experiment in pairs and triads.

The day is open to any therapist colleague trained to at least Level 3 in EMDR, but will be most beneficial to those who are already familiar with AF-EMDR, and who ideally have worked with either Laurel or Mark and/or who know Laurel’s books well .

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To remind, the cost is £120 for the day, with 6 EMDR Association UK CPD points. The address is CCPE, 2 Warwick Crescent, W2 6NE.