Unleash Your EMDR in Australia, August 2020: Advanced Clinical Workshops in Laurel Parnell’s Attachment-Focused EMDR.

AF-EMDR Workshops with Facilitated Practice/Practicums

With Mark Brayne, EMDR Europe-Accredited Consultant & Parnell Institute Trainer

Sydney, Sat-Sun August 1-2, 2020 | Sydney Harbour View Hotel, North Sydney

Melbourne, Fri-Sat August 14-15, 2020 | Melbourne Treacy Centre, Parkville

Perth, Fri-Sat August 21– 22, 2020 | St Catherine’s College, Perth

(Click here for Auckland workshop, July 24-26 2020)

Note: Workshops run from 0900-1700
Each with 12 hours of Continuing Education/CPD credits. Participation qualifies for registration on the Parnell Institute Find-A-Therapist website.

Cost: For Australia, Early Bird (NOW EXTENDED TO END FEB 2020) AU$495 (includes GST). After that, AU$550.

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Therapists already familiar with basic EMDR protocols (and trained to at least Part 2 level) are invited to join our first EMDR Focus workshops in Australia, with practical coaching in Dr Laurel Parnell’s Attachment-Focused approach to working with client dysfunctions rooted in developmental experiences in childhood.

Conceived and presented in partnership with Dr Parnell, author of the key EMDR texts Attachment-Focused EMDR and A Therapist’s Guide to EMDR, these workshops are built around teaching, discussion, live demonstrations of AF-EMDR in action, and supervised dyad work as both therapist and client.

With support from our EMDRAA-accredited EMDR Consultant colleague Annabel McGoldrick, we’re bringing these workshops in 2020 to Sydney, Melbourne and Perth, with Mark Brayne as workshop leader, and Jutta Brayne and Annabel joining in as facilitators.


Attendees on our Unleash Your EMDR workshops are introduced to:

  • Attachment-informed case conceptualisation, and the importance of understanding and working with attachment in addressing the root causes of most client presentations;
  • the use of creative imagination in the effective resourcing of even the most complex clients;
  • the proactive use of the bridging technique to identify developmental targets most likely to deliver change in a client’s current life;
  • a wide range of imaginal and creative interweaves to facilitate client healing in accordance with the principles of Adaptive Information Processing;
  • the importance and value of session structure when working with childhood trauma and the impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs);
  • and, working intuitively with transgenerational trauma and dreams.

Feedback from previous workshops has been very positive:

One of the best courses I have ever attended. Thanks to all of the facilitators for, not only their knowledge and experience, but for creating such a safe and supportive space for us to practise in.

Mark is the best trainer I have come across. He exudes expertise, is engaging, compassionate – and I would even use the word “gifted”- at what he does. For me, EMDR has come to life!

Brilliant! I was staggered at the speed of the modified / simplified protocol.

It was just the most incredible weekend, absolutely life-changing personally and professionally. It has changed and shaped my EMDR practice for ever more. Thank you!

Mark Brayne’s own research into Dr Laurel Parnell’s AF-EMDR, presented at the March 2018 London conference of the EMDR Association UK & Ireland, drew on returns from nearly 90 AF-EMDR-trained therapists and nearly 50 clients treated with this approach, and highlighted the value and power of working in this way with more complex presentations.

Without challenging the place of the Standard Protocol in EMDR training, the workshop aims to inspire and resource clinicians currently struggling with how best to use EMDR with complex clients, also generating practice-based evidence in how appropriately to work with more difficult client groups.

Health warning!!

Note that these workshops include a full, in-depth and live demonstration on day one of AF-EMDR with a real personal issue. This can be a very powerful experience, both for the group and for the volunteer kindly offering themselves to work openly this way.

On day two, participants are invited to work in pairs on similarly real issues, using the tools of AF-EMDR, and this too can go surprisingly deep.

We find that participants value this opportunity, both as therapist and client, noting that the experience can be unsettling in the past at how powerfully this unfolds.

You will of course have the opportunity to decline to bring personal issues to the practicum, but for your own sake and that of others on the workshop, please do allow space for a willingness to be vulnerable, as well as to be bold. That’s how we learn!

For biographies of our workshop facilitators, see here. And to remind…

Cost: Early Bird (to Dec 31 2019) AU$495, then AU$550 (inc GST). 

To book, or for more information, click here.


If you need to cancel up to six weeks before the workshop, we will refund your fee minus a 10% handling charge. After that, refunds will be at the discretion of Annabel McGoldrick and EMDR Focus.