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Thanks for your interest in our Unleash Your EMDR Part 1 workshop, exloring the basics of Attachment-Informed EMDR. Here's where you can sign up and pay - take care to choose a date that works for your time zone.
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Please choose from the following Part 1 dates. Note that you can't join our workshops if not already using EMDR. All workshops £495 = approx USD600/AUD800
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Please note that this workshop expects that all attendees are already or intend to become enthusiasts for the actual practice of EMDR. All will be expected to engage fully in the triad roles of therapist and client as well as observer. By registering for an EMDR Focus workshop, and recognising that participation can involve both observation and personal experience of sometimes profound processing of earlier life experience, I agree both to commit, to the best of my ability, to full participation in the workshop, and to take appropriate responsibility for my own emotional wellbeing. I will ensure that I have access to any necessary therapeutic and/or supervisory support following the event. *
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