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Welcome to EMDR Focus

A warm welcome to our EMDR Focus website, building on the powerful work of pandemic years online with some of our favourite coastal pictures (two from our home in Sheringham, North Norfolk, and the third reflecting our distinctive lighthouse graphics) as frontpage banners.

With the intense pandemic times behind us, we’re now an online-only operation, focusing on our popular Unleash Your EMDR workshops Parts 1 and 2 and developing a well-established series of two-hour Wednesday morning (UK/AUS timing) and Thursday afternoon (UK/US times) monthly live sessions, where Attachment-Informed EMDR can be experienced and explored for real.

Please do browse the website using the dropdown menus at the top, and hoping also you enjoy the image at the top of Jutta and Mark at Bluff at the bottom end of New Zealand/Aotearoa in March 2016, at the end of an epic 3000-km six-week tandem ride from Cape Reinga at the very other north end of NZ.

Bilateral teamwork! (Noting that we’ve also just completed a 3-month, 5500-km tandem tour of Jutta’s homeland Germany, but perhaps better not to overload this website with too many personal stories and photos.)

If you’re interested in exploring our training offers, please click the button below.

Release the Magic of this Extraordinarily Powerful Therapy

“Unleash your EMDR” Testimonials


My memory from the original training was that EMDR was a rigid robotic like model in its implementation, which didn’t resonate with me. A refresher training some years later opened

I am understanding bridging much more and using it again to great effect… Going back to target more frequently is also really working… I feel as if I have had


What you’ve taught me has transformed my therapy structure and depth and my clients are healing and transforming so fast I can’t quite believe it and have to pinch myself


Mark, you are SO good at what you do, and I think I will be longing to be half as good as you for years to come. Thank you for

At the time of doing your course, I had only four clients and worked two days a week as a theatre lawyer. […] I was quite on the verge of

Margaret – on Part 2 Unleash

Wanted to say thank you for such an informative and useful session the role play was really helpful as it linked so well with a client I am working with


This was probably the best CPD I’ve done. Mark is such a fantastic trainer. A little fast for me on Day 1, but the ideas really landed with me on

Even in one week the benefits I am seeing are amazing. Using the nurturing, protector and wise figures really helps the clients and they are reporting spontaneous “appearances” of the


I have found AI EMDR to be the most useful extra dimension to my practice. Mark is an exceptionally talented trainer, I cannot recommend him


Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful training I have had with you. Following the couples training day I tried your way of working with a couple. The wife

I think anyone working with EMDR and complexity should do this training (Jan


Excellent and captivating content and training. Not many 3-day trainings can keep me engaged the way these trainings


This training is the missing link between EMDR standard protocol training and the intricacies of complex trauma EMDR practice. Evolution happens and trying to deny it just delays our illusion

I just wanted to say a personal thankyou for the training the other week. It was really good and has reduced my anxieties about EMDR quite a bit. I was

Alma (Bosnia)

I watched a recording of Mark Brayne’s AI-EMDR The Basics lecture. I want to express my gratitude for allowing us to follow this excellent presentation. Mark managed to integrate, in


This weekend has been the most significant training I have attended in my career! The possibilities for healing old wounds in my clients are endless, the best part is this


The organisation of the course was much better than any other CPD I had undertaken previously. Pre-course materials were great, organisation was brilliant, presentation and timings when the course ran


I am so impressed with AI-EMDR, and almost half a year out from being trained in Part 1, I can confidently say it has revolutionized the way that I work.


It’s been the most useful and well presented training I have undertaken for some time. I enjoyed it , even with the early start. It was also great to work

Mark’s knowledge, facilitation style and passion for EMDR [have] transformed my EMDR overnight and reignited my passion for it after it was slowly draining away through being frustrated by the


For someone who absolutely hates Marmite, I have to say I’m delighted to find I absolutely love Mark Brayne and his team…………what a remarkable training! I find my already impassioned

Julie (March 2023)

I had been integrating EMDR with attachment in my own way but your approach is a gamechanger and it allows me to integrate EMDR and attachment work in a way

Excellent training and incredibly practical and useful. Mark was very clear, compassionate and

Inspiring stuff ! It has shown me how to use EMDR in creative ways to help clients with processing


A fabulous combination of theory and practice, professionalism and warmth, seriousness and humour … all of which made for a brilliant learning environment. Skillfully done, thank

Learning how to resource so quickly [was especially useful]. I had been taking a lot longer to do this and it’s great to know if can be done fairly quickly

The ability to use both this protocol & the standard one has been so incredibly useful & I wish I had done this training several years


The wealth of resources accessible is very helpful. It did feel like a ‘proper’ training and very useful. Your training was well managed, nice flow to the day, info, demo,

Since completing the training (Nov 2019) I’m witnessing some absolutely brilliant results. Each and every one of my clients now has a resource team, which they think is excellent by

Superb. I loved the honesty the group achieved and the fear reduction this


Blew my knickers


I am someone who has really struggled to get going with using EMDR regularly with my patients and clients. I would get hung up on the protocol, struggling with NCs


I was absolutely exhausted after 3 days of training & never felt more inspired in a long time in my


I was touched by the generosity of the course handouts, which were extremely helpful in their characteristically visual, humorous and concise format. I experience Mark’s facilitation style as one of

It was just the most incredible weekend, absolutely life changing personally and professionally. It has changed and shaped my EMDR practice for ever more. Thank

I saw seven clients today, and I have to say that I brought so much of the training into the day and with really great

The training was intense and enlightening in ways I could not have imagined when I booked and at last I have a way to work effectively and without scaring the


Grateful to your leadership, guidance, and support during this time. Online EMDR has been working awesome!! I am so pleased with the timing when I attended your workshop in London.


Astonishing clearly presented. Inspirational training. Goes to the core, reaches the places that talking therapy just can’t reach. This will change my practice forever! Thank you SO


I would highly recommend Mark’s excellent training. A combination of theory, live demonstrations and supported practice, this training will take your EMDR practice to the next level and give you


I have been blown away by your training, Mark. Having now completed Part 1, 2, AI-EMDR with couples, Case Conceptualisation (and intending to attend Parts in December), I am aware


I have never felt this engaged in an online training before – the presentation with all the images as well as Mark’s easy, intelligent (but with humour) style made it

Mark is a brilliant and engaging speaker. He held my interest and I really respected his level of knowledge and experience (I am an experienced, senior clinical psychologist). The practicums

I have been using this approach since the training weekend with fabulous effects. It’s lovely to give the client more control & there’s no more ‘clunkyness’ going on! Which means

Thank you to EMDR Focus for the incredibly helpful training and practise day in London this September. I have subsequently had some incredible sessions using the modified protocol and being

I had one client who had really struggled to develop a peaceful image that really felt safe  – today she imagined being gently licked and lovingly encapsulated by a lion, protected by


Excellent (couples) course, loved how the AI-EMDR couple protocol dovetails so productively with Imago therapy/the CCPE approach to couple therapy. EMDR can be used to alleviate barriers to empathy and


I thought I’d share some feedback I just sent to Mark on the wonderful training he gave in New Zealand a few months ago For context I’ve had the chance


From the EMDR focus attachment training I have learnt so much. I completed part one and part two this year. It has absolutely transformed my practice. An analogy would be

After the meeting online with you last week I built myself a virtual studio which has been impressing my clients and giving them a bit of light relief from the


I am so glad I volunteered for the demo for two very specific reasons – for myself and also for my practice as an EMDR therapist. As a therapist, the


Wonderful!! This is the first training in ages that I have not felt comatose in at some point-where I have not been forced to reveal details of “who” I am


Mark’s enthusiasm and depth of knowledge [about Dreams] inspires and lead us on a journey of exceptional learning. Dreams are indeed the royal road into our internal psyche and Mark


I was already a die hard attachment informed EMDR fan before doing any of Mark’s training but I feel like, after level 1, my practice moved to a whole different

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If you’d like to be kept up to date on EMDR Focus training events, we’ll be delighted to keep you posted.

We promise to keep your info safe, not to bombard you with emails, and very definitely not to misuse your information or pass it on to third parties without your consent.

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you.

If you’d like to be kept up to date on EMDR Focus training events, we’ll be delighted to keep you posted.

We promise to keep your info safe, not to bombard you with emails, and very definitely not to misuse your information or pass it on to third parties without your consent.

Thanks, and looking forward to hearing from you.

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