EMDR Focus Workshops


Welcome to our EMDR Focus workshop pages, with new opportunities to advance your practical and client-focused skills with EMDR – now also coming up, excitingly, in Australia and New Zealand in July and August 2020.

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To summarise, these include:

Our EMDR Focus workshops, personally endorsed by Dr Parnell, build on the work you’ve done so far in Parts 1 to 3 & 4 (or, if you’re in Australia or NZ, Part 2) of your basic training, and equip you to work with more complex client presentations.

With the Parnell approach, we place particular emphasis in training and supervision on resourcing clients in Phase 2 with more than just the special or safe place of the Standard Protocol, placing front and centre the proactive use of bridging (aka floatback) to identify the most powerful early roots of trauma both big and small for effective targeting.

With a strong focus on session structure, we empower our trainees to use intuition, and creative, imaginal interweaves to reach the places that standard EMDR can find difficult to access, giving you permission and skills to adapt and build on what you already know about EMDR to the very best advantage of your most challenging clients.

We have a keen team of UK-based training facilitators ready to take things forward, including Annabel McGoldrick, Jutta Brayne, Shawn Katz, Sarah Robinson, James Thomas and Kristina Sandstrom.

If you’d like to know more, do get in touch.