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On Being Diagnosed as Aspergers, Part 2.

I probably don’t need to write this follow-up to my blog of March this year on being diagnosed, at 70, at last and rather late in life, with Aspergers/High-Functioning Autism. Indeed, just thinking about starting this piece reminds me just how difficult I’ve always found writing to be, whether agonising over a poem or short story for English at school, or composing an essay about the Russian writer Gogol at Uni, or doing the grain harvest nightlead for Reuters from Moscow in the mid-70s, or a BBC FOOC (From Our Own Correspondent) from Beijing. Ironic, isn’t it, that I then [...]

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On Being Diagnosed as Aspergers, Part 1

For Part 2, read here. I’m not quite sure how this post will unfold, other than to know that a) like my despatches from Beijing or the Cold War’s diplomatic frontline it will probably be too long, and that b) some old BBC friends and colleagues may already be sighing, “Oh dear, there he goes again.” Prompted by Fergal Keane coming out the other day with his PTSD, and especially by a piece about also-BBC Robert Greenall’s own recent diagnosis, I can acknowledge something many of those who’ve known me over the years probably clocked long ago. I have – [...]

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