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One Year On – 6-way discussion with Jamie Marich and friends on EMDR Online

Great fun today (Sunday Jan 10 2021) talk with Jamie, Suzi, Andre, Blaise and Curt about our learnings and experiences in working with EMDR online since the Covid pandemic struck nearly a year ago now. Enjoy! And for those who didn't see Jamie's and my introductory webinar way back in March last year setting out how to do remote EMDR (and demonstrating this this thing works and is safe!), spool on down below the latest recording for a link. Join Dr Jamie Marich & Mark Brayne for a Discussion of EMDR Therapy and Telehealth - EMDR Focus

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Attachment-Informed EMDR Practice Group – learning together

By Marie Tierney One of the challenges for therapists on any training is bringing the learning home and finding a way to integrate it into existing practice. Following completion of Mark Brayne’s Attachment-Informed EMDR Workshop at the end of June 2020, some participants posted messages on Whatsapp looking for practice partners: “Hi everyone. If anyone would like to practice EMDR I would be happy to pair up”“I’d also like to ‘pair up’ if anyone wants to form a pair or even a small group” With these messages, a seed was planted, leading to the formation of an Attachment-Informed EMDR practice [...]

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Unleash Oz unpacked – by Ainslee Gibbs

WE ACTIVATE, THEN SOOTHE Report from Attachment-Informed EMDR (AI-EMDR) Online Workshop for Australia, August 2020, with Mark Brayne Ainslee Gibbs The central tenet from this three-day online workshop was that the first thousand days from conception are most important: how we experience self and the world, and the meaning and relationship created between the two is crucial to understand. Mark stressed that there was still only one basic EMDR protocol, built upon stimulating and processing a disturbing memory bilaterally using dual attention. But he also noted that attachment-informed target selection is at the heart of this type of work. John [...]

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Unleash inspires in Oz

By Liam Spicer Liam Spicer Unleash your EMDR, Release the Magic, and that is exactly what occurred. Three days of integrative attachment-informed EMDR that opened up a new realm of opportunities with clients for healing and growth. A powerful experience involving new knowledge, demonstrations, practice, new insights, new skills, and a sprinkle of laughter to round it all off! Just over 60 Australian colleagues met with Mark, Annabel and the wonderful EMDR Focus team over a weekend which enriched current practice with EMDR, and provided significant emphasis on the role of attachment within the healing process. […]

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Unleash Your EMDR: Groups take up practice on their own.

With thanks to Judith, Mary, Marie, Lana, Lynne and Heather (and apologies for the cheesy illustration above of another form of triads), it’s good to see sub-groups of our Unleash workshop attendees arranging their own practice triads online on Zoom, and here’s Judith’s (Turner) summary July 2020 of the story so far. There are six of us in this group, and we have had two meetings with breakout rooms so far; they each lasted for one and a half hours.In our second meeting we used 15 minutes for a check-in, an hour for triad work and 15 minutes for a [...]

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Join Dr Jamie Marich & Mark Brayne for a Discussion of EMDR Therapy and Telehealth

The global COVID-19 crisis has thrust mental health therapists into a new reality of needing to provide services via telehealth and other remote platforms. While this can be challenging for any therapy, especially since training in this area of service has traditionally been scarce, there are special challenges for EMDR therapists. In this discussion-based webinar, Dr. Jamie Marich (author and founder of The Institute for Creative Mindfulness) speaks to her long-time friend and colleague Mark Brayne from the U.K. about his clinical experiences offering EMDR therapy virtually.

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Some wonderful feedback on working Online

The past week has brought some powerful and rewarding feedback on how we're helping colleagues get online with EMDR - from my super green-screen studio in North Norfolk. In response to a piece I wrote earlier about working with a client on a smartphone in his car, one newly-baked enthusiast for online EMDR contributed the following thoughts:

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Jamie Marich and Mark Brayne explore EMDR Online, with a live session for real.

With warm thanks again to my friend Jamie Marich over in the US for our online seminar on Sunday on how one can do EMDR online, colleagues might wish now to know that the full two-hour recording, including our EXTREMELY interesting live session with me badgering Jamie, over a real live issue, to find a good and juicy target as a three-year-old, is now available for perusal on YouTube here. For ease of access (and prepare to hunker down with a cup of cocoa and slippers – this stuff beats Netflix for drama at points) once again the link: JAMIE MARICH AND MARK BRAYNE [...]

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Naomi Fisher’s brilliant guidelines for working with EMDR online

Naomi Fisher is based in Paris, and has been working with EMDDR online for a good two years now - finding it, as I (Mark Brayne) and many of my colleagues do often at least as good as face-to-face (which of course it also is) and sometimes even better. Naomi is an EMDR consultant and facilitator, and an independent clinical psychologist.  She offers clinical supervision and therapy exclusively online, and can be contacted here. And now, her guidelines, also downloadable here as a PDF: Using EMDR Online - Naomi Fisher. Ten Tips for Using EMDR Online Practice Based Article I never thought it was possible to do EMDR online.  As a clinical psychologist and EMDR Consultant who has been using EMDR since 2005, I occasionally did other sorts of therapy online if I had to, but EMDR? No.   It seemed safer to keep that for my clinic room. Then I moved to France.   Suddenly I was not able to set up a practice or get a job, because here I had no core profession; my title did not automatically transfer.  As I looked around for alternatives, working online – with people outside France – was an obvious choice.  But I was still wary about using EMDR online. As I started to build up my online practice, I couldn’t help trying out some EMDR preparation techniques.  EMDR is the basis of my therapeutic practice, it forms the majority of what I do.  I use CBT and ACT as well, but without EMDR I felt like there was a huge hole in my approach.   So I started with some resource installation, installing a safe space, and tried out preparation techniques such as Flash, CIPOS and Loving Eyes.  In order to do this, of course I had to work out how to best use BLS online.  As I did this, I become more confident and started offering full EMDR processing to people who I felt confident could manage this. It worked.  Just like it does in the room.  In fact, in some ways it felt even more attuned.  I felt deeply in touch with my clients, thousands of miles away.  We created a little therapeutic bubble, in virtual space.  Now I’ve been using EMDR online for nearly two years, and this is what I’ve learnt.

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Talking with children about Corona – and thoughts about AF-EMDR at this time…

First, a note from Miriam Chachamu about her excellent family-focused videos, including now on how to talk with children about Corona. I am a family therapist, a relatively new and a bit silent member of this forum... During the last year I have been developing a YouTube channel for parents, helping them understand their children and communicate better with them, to hopefully reduce attachment wounds for the future. If you  have time, please have a look! My last two videos are about talking to children about the virus and dealing with school closures, and my video about couples in self-isolation is scheduled for tomorrow. If you like what you hear please subscribe and press the bell so you will hear from YouTube about new videos- usually every week or two And to continue, my (Mark Brayne's) response!

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Excellent support ideas from Alexandra Dent for EMDR Online

Our EMDR Consultant colleague Alexandra Dent has put together a particularly excellent draft client contract for using EMDR online, which we're happy to re-post here, with amendments, both as a downloadable PDF (11BW Online Sessions Explainer for Clients - minus MB details) and inline as follows. ONLINE CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY SESSIONS – v. March 2020 I would like to provide you with some practical information to help you understand what to expect with online sessions and also provide some tips to make sure the process runs smoothly. It might feel scary or uncertain to have some sessions online but they can be as effective as meeting face to face, so long as you follow the sensible tips below.  My goal is to create a safe and contained space to work with you. If there are some material/documents that we need to use for the sessions (e.g. when I am going through psychoeducation and mindfulness), I will make sure that I have emailed this through to you before the session.

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Unleash your EMDR goes online

I couldn’t resist posting a response from one dear EMDR colleague to the news, summarised below, that our next Unleash your EMDR workshop, all two days of it with demos and pairwork and the rest, is going online next month, thanks to our friend Corona. Good for you Full disclosure I have strong ethical objections to doing any therapy online unless absolutely necessary, but I thought in these circumstances I am willing to be proved wrong. I really do not want to cancel again. After all, I trained in EMDR under protest and I was wrong about that  :) So…See [...]

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A brief thought about online work

What with Coronavirus and all, a lot of us EMDR therapists, I suspect, are going to be finding ourselves working online with clients in the coming weeks, so here's copying in an email I sent just now (Sunday March 8) to a colleague contemplating doing this for the first time. I don't doubt that the ACTO training is very useful, but I have to admit to not having done it myself, and to be coping pretty well with the specific challenges of online work. Which aren't really very different - technology and some of the basics permitting which are outlined in the discussions you've read - from working face to face. So I'd just suggest giving it a go and seeing how you and your clients get on.

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Seriously useful online discussion about using EMDR online

Engaging the technology: therapist and client A number of EMDR enthusiasts held a comprehensive online discussion early in 2018 on the benefits and challenges of delivering EMDR online, and with thanks to Paul Gebka-Scuffins, we're posting here a summary of what we explored. Note that various names crop up - their owners will know who they are, but we decided not to include surnames in this public-facing account. We discussed the benefits of the group developing a crib sheet, a list of ‘do’s and don’ts’ to help therapist and clients engage with the technical aspects of preparing and participating in an online EMDR session. It was highlighted by Gary that it was important not to reinvent the wheel and create guidelines that might conflict with ones developed by online governing bodies, e.g. The Association for Counselling and Therapy Online (ACTO). He said we should be cautious.

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In Support of EMDR Online – an Internet Discussion

With thanks to my EMDR Consultant colleague Deb Fish for the following article, summarising an online discussion of using the internet and video-conferencing for remote, online EMDR with clients. We spoke in November 2017, and the article appeared shortly afterwards in the house journal of the EMDR Association UK and Ireland EMDR Now. (Deb works in private practice, and also for the NHS in Dorset, within secondary services, and fuller summary here Some key points from EMDR Online discussion Dec 8 2017.) EMDR ONLINE DISCUSSION In response to a Jiscmail question for do’s and don’ts when offering EMDR therapy online, Mark Brayne, EMDR Europe Consultant, kindly and very deftly organised and chaired a well-structured and informative online discussion – in the process introducing most of the participants to the professional, online platform, called Zoom.

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