James Thomas reports from a Parnell Training in New York

James Thomas is an EMDR Focus facilitator in Attachment-Focused EMDR, and recently returned from a five-day training with Laurel Parnell in New York – continuing an annual tradition begun in 2015 when Mark Brayne was the first of our team to join the January training, followed in subsequent years by Shawn Katz and Annabel McGoldrick.

This is his report.

Laurel Parnell in action, with James Thomas in the back row on the right…

It’s January 2018, and after nearly 30 years of working in the mental health field, first as a CBT therapist and latterly with EMDR, I’m in New York with 43 other therapists from the US and Canada joining Laurel Parnell for an advanced workshop on ‘Transforming Trauma with EMDR’.

Already, I’m fascinated, amazed and awed by the power of EMDR in working with, as Bessel van der Kolk puts it, Bodies that Keep the Score.

Our training is held at the Open Center in central Manhattan, more used to hosting courses in meditation teaching and with a serenity to match.

For the next five days, I will listen, observe and especially also practise Laurel’s orientation to EMDR that I have come to admire from my initial introduction to her work in 2014. Read more

Unleash your EMDR

What an exciting week coming up!

CCPE London, W2 6NE
CCPE London, W2 6NE

As I write this, it’s two days until Dr Laurel Parnell joins us for our first Unleash your EMDR advanced trainings, at the gorgeous CCPE pictured here on the right.

We (that’s Mark and Jutta of Braynework and EMDR Focus) recently returned from an inspiring week training with Laurel at the Omega Institute near the Hudston River in beautiful upstate New York, where Mark completed his Facilitator training with the Parnell Institute, and Jutta undertook Laurel’s Parts One and Two Basic EMDR course so that she knows the ropes too.20150721_183235 (1)

The setting at Omega was out of this world – tranquil, inspiring, the perfect backdrop to going deep into the EMDR learning experience with Laurel, her team of delightful and skilled American facilitators and 45 enthusiastic trainees.

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