We’re thrilled with the feedback for our various EMDR Focus workshops, with Dr Laurel Parnell in the lead, of course, every September, and Mark Brayne running Unleash courses through the rest of the year, all with full-on, supervised practicum sessions to practice Attachment-Focused skills. A small selection of recent comments…

Dr Laurel Parnell EMDR Workshops UK

Grateful to your leadership, guidance, and support during this time.

Online EMDR has been working awesome!!

I am so pleased with the timing when I attended your workshop in London. Upon returning home, applying the techniques in person and online. It has been a streamline process for me, but having familiarity with zoom and online platforms made the transition much easier. #divinetiming


I just wanted to say a personal thankyou for the training the other week. It was really good and has reduced my anxieties about EMDR quite a bit. I was struggling with the basic protocol and trying to make it fit the very complicated clients I see in the NHS, I think the AF-EMDR is much more appropriate and I have started to weave it into my practice.

Unleash you EMDR attendee

At the time of doing Laurel’s course, I had only four clients and worked two days a week as a theatre lawyer. […] I was quite on the verge of giving up and felt quite disempowered.  Laurel herself and her training had a dramatic effect on me and my feeling of personal power and don’t they say “what you communicate out to the universe it brings back”.

Anyway within 10 days I had taken on 12 clients and really haven’t looked back. […] I know as a therapy I have something special to offer people now and isn’t it funny how incidents that talking therapy cannot resolve disappear so quickly with this AF-EMDR.  I know I’m on to something here.  I’m up to 18 clients now…

I think anyone working with EMDR and complexity should do this training (Jan 2020).

The ability to use both this protocol & the standard one has been so incredibly useful & I wish I had done this training several years ago.

Blew my knickers off!!

Since completing the training (Nov 2019) I’m witnessing some absolutely brilliant results. Each and every one of my clients now has a resource team, which they think is excellent by the way. After doing this with one of my longer term clients she then informed me she was ready to “do EMDR”; a breakthrough we had both been waiting for!

This method has totally transformed my practice. My clients are truly astonished at how well they can process. I am super grateful to you all – it has really helped to slow my practice and totally re-connect to my clients. Tapping may seem simple, but, you so helped when you told me to “really commit” to my client, Mark. I was also advised to be more gentle from other instructors, (and) again my clients have responded so, so well to this.

Huge, huge thanks. Keep doing what you’re doing, because you have no idea how many lives you are actually changing for the better!

The training was intense and enlightening in ways I could not have imagined when I booked and at last I have a way to work effectively and without scaring the s**t out of my clients using the effective techniques learnt. Blew my knickers off!!! I was enchanted from start to finish!

It was just the most incredible weekend, absolutely life changing personally and professionally. It has changed and shaped my EMDR practice for ever more. Thank you!

Learning how to resource so quickly [was especially useful]. I had been taking a lot longer to do this and it’s great to know if can be done fairly quickly and effectively. Learning how to bridge back while staying in the Right Brain was very useful and effective. The live demo was incredible. Very brave of Mark to do this in front of all of us and it worked so well. This showed me how much confidence he and I can have in these techniques.

Inspiring stuff ! It has shown me how to use EMDR in creative ways to help clients with processing difficulties.

Mark’s knowledge, facilitation style and passion for EMDR [have] transformed my EMDR overnight and reignited my passion for it after it was slowly draining away through being frustrated by the standard stuff. Bravo!

Mark is a brilliant and engaging speaker. He held my interest and I really respected his level of knowledge and experience (I am an experienced, senior clinical psychologist). The practicums really help consolidate the teaching.

Excellent training and incredibly practical and useful. Mark was very clear, compassionate and entertaining.

Thank you to Laurel Parnell and EMDR Focus for the incredibly helpful training and practise day in London this September. I have subsequently had some incredible sessions using the modified protocol and being really active with interweaves.

Of particular note was successfully processing a sexual abuse memory within a one-hour session. Thanks to Laurel’s advice to check early on what is happening in the body, I realised almost immediately when the client began to dissociate. I was then able to ground them quickly and carry on in a way that felt safe and contained, until the target was fully resolved. The client felt empowered and able to let go of anger. It was just amazing!

I have been using Laurel’s approach since the training weekend with fabulous effects. It’s lovely to give the client more control & there’s no more ‘clunkyness’ going on! Which means the therapy flows more naturally.

I saw seven clients today, and I have to say that I brought so much of the training into the day and with really great effect.

I had one client who had really struggled to develop a peaceful image that really felt safe  – today she imagined being gently licked and lovingly encapsulated by a lion, protected by an eagle circling her while her partner kept watch, with an elephant’s herd surrounding them, and her breathing being co-regulated by the lion’s breathing, by an oak tree. What an imagination that I had not tapped into until now! She was inspired and so was I.

Even in one week the benefits I am seeing are amazing. Using the nurturing, protector and wise figures really helps the clients and they are reporting spontaneous “appearances” of the figures when needed in their lives. I’ve also felt at ease with myself to interact with the clients differently and use their imaginations more to great effect.

I am understanding bridging much more and using it again to great effect… Going back to target more frequently is also really working… I feel as if I have had an “advanced”  EMDR course that has improved my knowledge. This is the only course I have been on and started using my learning straight away, so thank you once again.