We’re thrilled with the feedback for our various EMDR Focus workshops, all with full-on, supervised practicum sessions to practice Attachment-Informed skills. A small selection of recent comments…

Just wanted to thank you for the wonderful training I have had with you. Following the couples training day I tried your way of working with a couple. The wife went first; she had a real AHA moment and realised her child self was seeking comfort and how that plays out in the relationship. She came to the conclusion that now she is able to do that for herself and if she needs to get it from him, she needs to be very specific as ‘he cant read her mind. ‘ I later asked the husband how it felt to witness the work that she had done. He said it was amazing to witness how relaxed she became and that she looked beautiful. OK that was emotional for me too.

With intergenerational work, I was able to take a client who felt unsupported by mom back to her great grandmother. Clearing out her stress and that of the grandmother and mother, was so beneficial for the client, that she remains amazed.

So just a big thank you for helping me expand my EMDR capacity to help the client even deeper.


Excellent (couples) course, loved how the AI-EMDR couple protocol dovetails so productively with Imago therapy/the CCPE approach to couple therapy. EMDR can be used to alleviate barriers to empathy and intimacy between the couple arising from early attachment wounding.

Relatively basic innovation of getting the couple to tap each other is so effective, helps promote empathy, demonstrates and encourages self-regulation on the part of the witnessing, tapping partner, again accords beautifully with fundamental principles of Imago-type couple therapy. I appreciated the many rich references and pithy quotes which really helped to encapsulate and drive home crucial points: in order to be understood, first seek to understand, surviving the experience of the other’s internal reality etc. Appreciated the light touch/humour of : marriage allows you to annoy one special person for the rest of your life, appropriate gentle humour makes difficult messages palatable for many couples. Valuable new phrasing for me : EARNED secure attachment, haven’t come across that handy description before. Really liked the bridging back from a simple interaction between M & T at start of session, working with what’s in the room. Many thanks, can’t wait to try this with couples !


For someone who absolutely hates Marmite, I have to say I’m delighted to find I absolutely love Mark Brayne and his team…………what a remarkable training! I find my already impassioned enthusiasm for EMDR ignited even further by the last 3 days and I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to Unleash Part II.

I cannot recall how many years it has been since I last felt this degree of excitement! Thank you all so much!

This really has reinforced my understanding and experience of EMDR: the power and potential of its application; how creatively and intuitively it can be applied; and how breaking free of certain limitations regarding the standard protocol is the next step in EMDR’s evolution.

I now feel I am considerably better equipped and informed than before the training, and can say, with a good deal of confidence, that I will be incorporating all that I have learned into my practice. The brilliant resourcing tools and revelatory application of the bridging back technique will become standard practice.

These three days were brilliantly conceived and presented, with just the right balance of teaching and practicum. I also think that spreading the training over three days broke it down into readily digestible, bite size, chunks, promoting the assimilation and retention of information…………superb!

What can I say! The humility and generosity of heart with which you laid yourself bare, identifying the two small t events, involving the video and momentary lapse of concentration when treating (volunteer demo client), were deeply moving, and served only to illustrate your humanity, and the robustness, resilience and wisdom, demanded of training of the quality provided by yourself and your team over the last three days.

Thank you all, I feel truly honoured and privileged to have been a participant and to have witnessed all that I have…………remarkable!


I would highly recommend Mark’s excellent training. A combination of theory, live demonstrations and supported practice, this training will take your EMDR practice to the next level and give you the confidence to further enhance positive outcomes with your clients. Definitely one of the best PDs I have attended.