We’re thrilled with the feedback for our various EMDR Focus workshops, all with full-on, supervised practicum sessions to practice Attachment-Informed skills. A small selection of recent comments…

I have been blown away by your training, Mark. Having now completed Part 1, 2, AI-EMDR with couples, Case Conceptualisation (and intending to attend Parts in December), I am aware how your training has catapulted my couple work onto a whole new level of competence and confidence.

My ability to conceptualise and validate the adaptive/maladaptive attachment strategies of younger traumatised parts, surviving in the only way they knew, greatly supports the flow of compassionate witnessing within and between couples.


Mark’s enthusiasm and depth of knowledge [about Dreams] inspires and lead us on a journey of exceptional learning. Dreams are indeed the royal road into our internal psyche and Mark makes an excellent tour guide of the royal road.


I was touched by the generosity of the course handouts, which were extremely helpful in their characteristically visual, humorous and concise format.

I experience Mark’s facilitation style as one of life’s great treats. He appeals to my inner child and my inner nutty professor, both of whom are inwardly squealing with delight at his use of rich metaphor and imagery to illustrate key concepts.

Mark’s embodiment, passion and articulation of AI-EMDR has the capacity to switch my nervous system into a bright, energised and open learning state that feels deeply joyful and receptive.

As an experiential learner, Mark’s great skill, intuitive capacity and dual attention (self, client and audience) with the live therapy demonstrations brings yet another dimension to the gravitas of Mark’s training in support of integrating the learning and illustrating the potential of the AI-EMDR approach.

Mark’s facilitation team are an awesome group of skilled and committed therapists whose presence and input is another key feature of the training. The ratio of facilitator to participants is extremely generous and is invaluable during the small group practice sessions.

The on-going post training support and CPD enables me to connect with a sense of belonging and to have a trusted developmental pathway. As an independent practitioner, this feels invaluable.


My memory from the original training was that EMDR was a rigid robotic like model in its implementation, which didn’t resonate with me.

A refresher training some years later opened me up to EMDR and it was from this point I started to use it.

However, I felt inspired by this training. I feel it’s given me permission to be more flexible and attend to nuances in the therapeutic process.