(from l.) Mark, Annabel, Jutta, Laurel, Shawn, Sarah and James

EMDR Focus is sister training company to Braynework Ltd, and we aim to bring to the UK some of the world’s top trainers in Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing.

Our closest training partnership is with Dr Laurel Parnell, author of several books and highly respected trainer in what she describes as Attachment-Focused EMDR.

We’ve brought Dr Parnell to London three Septembers in (almost) a row now –  2015, 2017 and (at the Mary Ward House Conference Centre in London, above) in 2018 for trainings and a seminar in her approach, and have also worked in the past to support UK trainings with Dr Jim Knipe of EMDR Toolbox fame, and with Dr Jamie Marich, author of EMDR Made Simple.

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