I thought I’d share some feedback I just sent to Mark on the wonderful training he gave in New Zealand a few months ago

For context I’ve had the chance to use the training some now and am starting to get more of a feel for it and have been able to see and hear feedback about the impact on clients. I’m amazed how much can be done in an hour and how contained it all is, even though it’s such core stuff. The relief for clients appears to be huge. I am starting to appreciate how important the petalling is (and why Mark emphasises that aspect) to the work remaining focused and containable and being able to complete so much so quickly. Also how well the resource team process appears to prime clients for being able to find helpful resolutions during the processing. I don’t use this with all my clients as not all are ready yet; for those who are ready this is like magic. I am kicking myself for not doing the training in 2010 when I first wanted to as life happened and then I didn’t follow it up. Big mistake!

“I’m so glad I did the part 1 – 3 days. The training was very clear and educational as well as fun; one of the best trainings I’ve done. I’ve been using the AI EMDR and IG emdr with a few clients now and the outcomes are truly amazing. Very powerful and deep transformation for the client within an hour with everything wrapped up and completed by the end of the session. That’s really something when the session can cover for example a present trigger, a 2 year old self, a 7 year old self, a parent of the 2 year old self, and that parent’s younger self, all 8 phases for each part of the work, all targets completed to 0/10, 7/7, and a clear body scan in an hour. This is a game changing protocol. A most heartfelt thank you from me and my clients.”