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Ainslee Gibbs reports back on Part 3 Couples and Addictions

                                    Training with Mark Brayne and Annabel McGoldrick (UK) The latest instalment of the “Unleash” online training series rolled out over 3 days from April 30 – May 2, with consideration given for Australia/NZ friendly time slots (less friendly for the UK facilitators though). The course built upon the Attachment Informed style of EMDR (AI-EMDR), as taught in previous Part 1 & 2 training. Couple work: “The relationship is the client, not the individuals themselves” The first half of the training focused on couples, with Mark at the helm. The key points to working with a couple in the room [...]

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Attachment-Informed EMDR Practice Group – learning together

By Marie Tierney One of the challenges for therapists on any training is bringing the learning home and finding a way to integrate it into existing practice. Following completion of Mark Brayne’s Attachment-Informed EMDR Workshop at the end of June 2020, some participants posted messages on Whatsapp looking for practice partners: “Hi everyone. If anyone would like to practice EMDR I would be happy to pair up”“I’d also like to ‘pair up’ if anyone wants to form a pair or even a small group” With these messages, a seed was planted, leading to the formation of an Attachment-Informed EMDR practice [...]

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Unleash Oz unpacked – by Ainslee Gibbs

WE ACTIVATE, THEN SOOTHE Report from Attachment-Informed EMDR (AI-EMDR) Online Workshop for Australia, August 2020, with Mark Brayne Ainslee Gibbs The central tenet from this three-day online workshop was that the first thousand days from conception are most important: how we experience self and the world, and the meaning and relationship created between the two is crucial to understand. Mark stressed that there was still only one basic EMDR protocol, built upon stimulating and processing a disturbing memory bilaterally using dual attention. But he also noted that attachment-informed target selection is at the heart of this type of work. John [...]

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Unleash inspires in Oz

By Liam Spicer Liam Spicer Unleash your EMDR, Release the Magic, and that is exactly what occurred. Three days of integrative attachment-informed EMDR that opened up a new realm of opportunities with clients for healing and growth. A powerful experience involving new knowledge, demonstrations, practice, new insights, new skills, and a sprinkle of laughter to round it all off! Just over 60 Australian colleagues met with Mark, Annabel and the wonderful EMDR Focus team over a weekend which enriched current practice with EMDR, and provided significant emphasis on the role of attachment within the healing process. […]

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